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How To Book Cheapest Flights: Tips and Tricks

How To Book Cheapest Flights: Tips and Tricks

Book Cheapest Flights: Are you a travel enthusiast, but are scared of the expensive plane tickets eating up more than half of your travel expenses? Every site you visit might show you oscillating prices. The pressure of booking a flight that is reasonably priced can turn into a jiff of annoyance. While booking a cheap flight can be difficult, it is not impossible. We have done our research and brought the best tips and tricks to the table for our travel fanatics on how to get the best and the cheapest flights while traveling. If you keep in mind the following information in your mind, you can book the flight cheaper than Spirit Airlines Reservations. 

1.     Keep your traveling plans a secret

After searching for flights of a particular destination frequently, your web browser might start showing you increased prices. That is because the cookies in your browser might store that information and trick you into buying the ticket as soon as possible by showing increased prices. To avoid this, always use incognito or private browsing mode to search for flights.

To search for new flights, close all your previous incognito windows and re-open them, this way your searches will not be memorized, hence, no more price fluctuation.

To open the incognito mode in your browser:

Chrome or Safari users press Control(CTRL) + Shift + N

Firefox or Internet Explorer users press Control(CTRL) + Shift + P

2.     Know your search engines

Just like online shopping, going through dresses and clothes, you can now look for flight tickets on your phone or PC. You can compare prices, timings, duration of the flight and also compare prices of different airlines, all in the comfort of your own home. The year is 2022, most of the flights now appear on the wide-ranging spectrum of search engines mentioned below;

  • Skyscanner – Skyscanner is one of the most preferred flight search engines.
  • Momondo – Momondo is known for providing the best and cheapest deals
  • – Combines all the routes to your destination rather than booking just 1 airline

Although these search engines are highly recommended and useful, you might have to do some research of your own and compare the flights on different search engines to safeguard the best and the cheapest flight.

3.     Weekend or Weekday

“Flights are cheaper on a Tuesday”. Although many people believe flights are cheaper on a Tuesday, the truth is that there is no authenticity in that statement. In some instances, it is cheaper to book a flight on a weekday rather than the weekend. The best and quickest way to find out the cheapest day for flying is to get an overview of the whole month. In most flight search engines, when you enter the departure and destination while putting on the date of departure, you can select a preview of the whole month and compare the prices of each day. Hence, providing you with the best and cheapest travel date and flight at your convenience.

4.     Plan your trip in advance

 To get the best and cheapest flights, fix your travel dates and destination beforehand. Booking your flight a month in advance will make a huge difference from booking a flight a week before. The purpose is, when the departure date gets closer, the flight prices get higher. Research shows, people who book their flights a month prior to the date of leaving pay 10% less than the average cost of flying to the exact same destination. In case, you are considering booking a Spirit flight, you should do contact Spirit Airlines customer service to get exclusive rates.  

5.     Pay in currency cheaper than yours

 While traveling internationally, some airlines provide you with the option of making the payment in other currencies. In this case, make the payment in a currency cheaper than your own. But to avoid heavy taxation and international transaction fee, make sure to use a credit card.



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