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How Golf can be a Part of your Backyard

How Golf can be a Part of your Backyard

For anyone with a love of Golf Hamburg and a sizable backyard, you’ve likely considered ways to make it into a putting green or driving range. No more driving to the golf course just to practice. No dropping money on an overpriced bucket of balls so you can work on your drive. There are lots of reasons why you might want to have such an awesome setup, and if you’re something of a hobby landscaper the project itself will keep you active for years.

Backyard golf driving and putting is a great way to save money and even to encourage friends and family to get together. Barbeque and golf… Do I really need to give any other reason? But obviously one of the biggest considerations is space. We don’t all have the kind of backyard that can make a replica of the local golf course’s 15th hole (although if you do certainly don’t let it stop you) but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the same sort of practice.

For small backyards, you really only need a decent fake turf practice mat and well-placed golf nets and you can work on your form to your heart’s content. Of course, you’ll really want to set those nets up well so property and passersby don’t become collateral damage for your golf swing.

For a bit of a bigger yard, if you just want to keep it small and stick to putting and obstacle practice you can quite easily make a hole or two for a backyard game and make it as elaborate as you like! A small pond can easily become a water hazard, and great landscaping will have your backyard looking beautiful enough that your wife might not mind that most of the backyard is a golf course. Just be sure to avoid hitting any balls into her flowerbed of course.

For the guys with the larger yards and time to invest there’s nothing to stop you from putting in professional grade seed for the putting green. Imagine being able to put daily on your own grass, there really isn’t a greater feeling in the world. You can even invest in small athletic field covers so you can protect your range in inclement weather!

If you’re not too keen on all of that extra work and lawn care, synthetic putting greens are readily available and require no maintenance at all short of limbering up with a few practice swings. They’re also made fairly hardy so athletic field covers are completely optional.

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There’s really no limit to what you can do with the right space and enough time investment. Your yard can also see to benefit from the work as a well-designed putting area can add all kinds of fixtures to your backyard. With water fixtures, decorative rock edges, borders, and even a well-positioned flower or herb garden for the wife, your yard is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood. Just remember not to get overzealous in your swings and consider putting up golf nets if you have to. Jealousy is good but lawsuits are bad!

So what are you waiting for? With just a little bit of initial investment, you can enjoy the game almost every day of the year for free!

If you’re going to invest a lot of time into making an authentic small golf course, Team Building Events can help you protect your investment. Custom-sized professional-grade covers and netting are only a call away from adding the final touches to your own slice of golf heaven.

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