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How can I fix Canon printer error 5b00?

How can I fix Canon printer error 5b00?

If you keep track, the green and orange lights on the Canon printer alternately flash seven times every time the printer is turned on when there is a problem with the printer's startup. If you check Printer Properties, choose the Maintenance tab, and click View Printer Status, the error message will be displayed.

Code of Support: 5B00 There was a problem with the printer.

How did it happen?

In order to aid printouts, your printer smooths the print head automatically after each print cycle, which results in the Waste ink counters overflow error. Each time the printhead is cleaned, the printer releases extra ink that has been sharpened without blurring. This extra ink is directed into a tray underneath the print head known as the Waste ink Pad. This tray has a built-in waste toner counter to help prevent ink spills, dirt in the printer, and damage to the parts made by Canon. When this counter reaches 100%, the printer will encounter error 5B00 and stop working.

How can you help?

Resetting the waste ink counter (waste ink counter) to 0% can fully resolve the error of the waste ink spill counter 5B00 on Canon printers and allow printing to resume. Read Canon Printer Support USA to know more about it, To prevent overflow, you should use a vacuum to remove waste ink from the waste ink pad (waste ink tray) after resetting the ink counter on Canon printers.

Here are 3 solutions to help you resolve the Canon printer issue 5B00. Import error occurs seven times.

1. Resolve the 5B00 problem while the new Canon printer is still covered by warranty.

If your Canon printer has an error that causes the orange and blue lights to flash seven times and displays the error Support Code: 5B00, you shouldn't attempt to repair it yourself because doing so will void the printer's warranty.

We advise you to take the printer to a Canon warranty shop so they can replace the waste toner tray and reset the printer's waste toner counter, which will help the printer last longer. Your Canon printer's 5B00 error has recently been resolved thanks to your warranty.

If you are not too important to warrant a warranty, please fix the error yourself by using the third option we present below, which is to reset it yourself, as it will take a long time to do otherwise. Toner waste counter for Canon printers.

2. Purchase a fresh printer.

If your printer is too old, you should replace it. However, try the following solution first:

3. Reset the Canon waste ink absorber.

The concept is straightforward: simply reset the waste ink absorber counter of your Canon printer to 0% as the original value, and the printer will continue to function. The error 5B00 occurs on Canon printers when the waste ink counter is full, causing the printer to blink continuously 7 times and become unable to function.

You must download the WIC Reset Utility Tool from in order to reset the Canon printer waste ink counter. You will then need one reset key for each printer you wish to reset in order to correct any printer errors.

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