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How Can I Connect My Canon imageRUNNER Device to My Smartphone or Tablet?

How Can I Connect My Canon imageRUNNER Device to My Smartphone or Tablet?

The Canon PRINT Business app allows users to publish and overlook from a Canon copier, using a smartphone or tablet. Then is how you connect your device.

Imperfect to use your smartphone to print to and checkup from an imageRUNNER device? There’s an app for that.

The Canon PRINT Business app allows users to perform mobile printing and scanning and features functions similar as checkup hard dupe documents with a Canon imageRUNNER device and save them in a smartphone or tablet, upload documents to colorful pall storehouse services, attach documents in emails and shoot them, and print documents.

But first, we need to sync up your phone and your print device.

Here are two options Know, How Can You Connect your smartphone or tablet to your print device

Link to the same wireless network. As the MFP by selecting the Mobile Portal on your imageRUNNER menu screen. Use the QR law that’s available on the display screen and follow the way handed.

Establish a peer-to-peer direct connection. To fix consequently; main connect on the” direct connection” check after the Mobile Portal. Overlook the QR law with the app’s scanner and follow the directions handed, brace via Bluetooth (requires fresh accessories), or touch your smartphone or tablet to the device with Near Field Communication, or NFC (requires fresh accessories). A direct connection can support up to 5 smartphones or tablets at a time.

You’re now ready to completely use the app. One note: The Remote Operation point allows the stoner to control the imageRUNNER ADVANCE stoner interface from their smartphone or tablet without having to touch the control panel.

3 Ways to use the Canon PRINT Business App

1. Printing with Canon PRINT Business App

  1. Elect” Documents” in the operation and choose the train position.
  2. Choose the train you want to publish.
  3. Preview the train and tap the printer icon.
  4. Confirm your printer and select print/ finishing settings.
  5. Tap” publish.”

2. Scanning with Canon PRINT Business App

  1. Add document to the imageRUNNER Advance document confluent.
  2. Tap” overlook to Mobile” on the imageRUNNER Advance control panel.
  3. Elect your checkup settings in the Canon PRINT Business app.
  4. Save the scrutinized document to an original or pall destination. Or, shoot it from your mobile device’s dispatch app.

Transferring From the MFP with Canon PRINT Business App

The” give Address” point of the Canon PRINT Business app allows you to use your mobile device to fill in shoot destinations( including using your mobile device connections), subject name, communication body, and train name fields on the imageRUNNER” checkup and shoot” screen. Are you completely exercising your copiers and printers at your office? Are workflows and document processes a challenge?


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