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Here’s How to Get Ahead of the Modern Economy and Launch a Profitable Business in 2023

Here’s How to Get Ahead of the Modern Economy and Launch a Profitable Business in 2023

Starting a new business is very challenging. And if you intend to build one that survives the turbulence in the market and grows into something big, you must know the decisions to make and what mistakes to avoid. After all, you want to grow your startup into a large company and not bury it under a pile of errors.

And the finest way to increase your chances of surviving in the market is by studying your target market and competitors, coming up with a great business name, or picking excellent ones by running a Squadhelp naming contest and correctly branding your company. But that’s not just all you can do.

After years of assisting companies, we've discovered a few elements that all successful businesses and those on the path to success share in common. And so we’ve compiled a list of things to make your business successful in the market.

These factors set successful businesses apart from those that fail. And to help you give your company an edge in the market, we've put together a list of the key areas you should concentrate on when starting your business.

Let’s check it out. 

Four Critical Steps to Launching a Profitable Business

1. Be Evolutionary, Flexible, and Imaginative

There are a lot of businesses trying to profit from already-established concepts. And while it doesn’t take much creativity or mental effort to go about, attempting to recycle and resell popular products without making improvements or alterations is not favored by any market.

We’ve seen this with businesses that produced generic items that failed because they couldn’t surpass the original or other competing products with the same function. These companies failed because they couldn’t stand out from other businesses providing the same service in a saturated market.

Taking this path would plummet your company’s chances of success in your market. So instead, make it your mission, like companies such as Tesla, Amazon, and Netflix have done, to offer fresh solutions to the urgent problems your target market is facing.

These large corporations would have had trouble competing in their markets if they had tried to offer the same service as other enterprises when they were starting out. 

However, they innovated their products and went against the trend to address market issues and underlying consumer needs.

2. Find Extra Funding

Many business owners struggle to manage their funds and run their companies smoothly, mostly when the business is still young. And because a startup's revenue is typically not enough to sustain the company, some businesses fail due to bankruptcy.

In order for your business to survive in the market, you must have a consistent flow of cash. As a result, you must focus on securing funds to support your company's operations in the time before it becomes profitable.

Watch out for international organizations that might be able to help you with financing your company. Don't stop there, though. Look for any governmental institutions, nonprofits, for-profit businesses, or private investors who can provide the cash your company seeks.

The Save Small Business Funds (SSBF) program of the Chamber of Commerce Foundation has often been a solid source of assistance for business owners. Their main objective is to help struggling businesses financially.

However, if you didn’t have much luck with the sources listed above, consider the following choices if you'd like to get funding in a different way:

3. Create a Solid Pre-order Marketing Strategy

Many company owners believe that starting a business on a tight budget must involve selling their skills as independent contractors or freelancers.

But several company owners overlook the financing opportunities presented by pre-orders and Kickstarter funding, which might provide them with more than enough money to launch their new venture and product.

Pre-orders allow customers to buy your products before they go on sale, giving your company the start-up capital it needs.

Both established and start-up businesses have embraced pre-order marketing and benefited from it, and one of the most recent examples is Amazon and Jeremy's Razor.

4. Use Viral Marketing

The typical end-user encounters between 4,000 and 10,000 bits of advertising per day, including advertisements from businesses, billboards, and online platforms like Youtube and Google, said Ron Marshall of Red Crow Marketing.

Sadly, even with all these, only about 100 companies are able to capture clients' attention each day.

Your brand image must have a catchy company name, a gorgeous logo, eye-catching colors, memorable catchphrases, and amazing commercials that stand out and pique the interest of your target market. These would guarantee that you’ll be one of the select few brands that consumers remember.

A company with all of these, along with excellent products, has a higher chance of being successful and making significant market sales because your branding elements make it hard for your business to be disregarded.

Establish a Reputable Online Identity

A business must gain the love, respect, and loyalty of both online and offline clients in order to be truly successful in any market. Only half of the market is captured by companies that concentrate on just their offline customers.

Furthermore, because so many transactions now start and conclude online, building a positive online reputation is essential if you want to raise your brand recognition, conversion rates, and revenues. 

Grant Polachek is the head of branding at, a 3X Inc. 5000 disruptive agency that provides cutting-edge naming services. We are the world's leading crowdsource naming platform. We’ve carefully analyzed over one million names and created a list of the top names on the internet. We've helped numerous Fortune 500 companies and startups discover intriguing names that express their brand's personality and essence.

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