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Here are some general tips to help you with Diamond Painting

Here are some general tips to help you with Diamond Painting

If you are new to the world of diamond painting, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed and not quite sure how to get started on this new hobby. Diamond painting can be extremely rewarding, but can also appear slightly intimidating to those new to the practice. Read on to learn some of the most effective tips and tricks when it comes to diamond painting, as well as how to recover from diamond painting mistakes – and trust us, mistakes happen to everyone, no matter what their diamond painting experience level!

You can choose one color at a time to work on, this will help you to finish early without getting confused between colors and numbers of the diamonds or going row by row according to your preference.

Here are some general tips to help you with Diamond Painting:

If the canvas legend contains different letters, symbols, or numbers that are printed on your bags, mark your bags with the appropriate symbol from the legend.

After pouring the gems into the tray, shake the tray side to side gently. This helps turn the gems on the correct side up.

Sometimes a certain color of gems will be prone to sticking together. Do not try to separate them with your fingers. Set the stuck gems aside and return them to the bag. With the bag properly closed, rub the gems with your fingers. You can also cut small pieces from a dryer fabric sheet and insert them into the container with the gems. Work around any that are stuck still together, because you might have enough that you don't have to use those.

If you are having issues picking up gems, you might need more wax. If you've added more wax but are still having issues, you might need a lighter touch when picking up the gems. Try to just barely touch the tip of the gem with the tool and it should pick up.

Sometimes there are dense sections of hard-to-see colors. Work these for a while, then switch to a lighter and less dense color to give yourself a refreshing break.

Always wrap the wax back up, including sealing it within the plastic bag it came in.

It is also advised to put the diamond tools back in the plastic bag, to help preserve the wax that is already in the tip.

Always cover your painting back up with the provided plastic while it is in progress. Use the small pointed end of the diamond tray to put the diamonds back into the bag. Save all the trays, tools, wax, and diamonds when you are finished with your project. You can use these on other diamond painting projects. Having additional trays and/or containers to house the gems can be helpful while working on diamond paintings. We plan to sell general diamond painting accessories soon. All diamond paintings come rolled, which results in increases. The creases will work themselves out as you add diamonds to your canvas and should not be present in your final picture. You can gradually help these creases by pressing the painting with books as you work.

Diamond painting is a fun, relaxing activity that is ultimately rewarding when you are hanging up your finished piece for you and your family to admire. It can seem like a somewhat daunting process at first, but by utilizing our tips and tricks, you will be a whiz at diamond painting in no time! Just remember to give yourself plenty of time, check your work, and do not be too hard on yourself – this activity can take some getting used to, but has a wonderful payoff in the end. is where you can buy hundreds of amazing Mystery Diamond Art, which includes everything you need to get started with your new creative hobby! They make the best quality diamond art kits – including unique designs, soft canvases, and paintings that are made to last.

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