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Golf Management: A Booming Business

Golf Management: A Booming Business

Golf management was at one time handled primarily by each individual golf course or country club, but the tide is turning in this multi-billion dollar industry. Today there are golf management companies that specialize in running dozens or even hundreds of privately owned courses across the country and around the world. These large-scale management firms offer a variety of perks to facilities that they wouldn't otherwise have access to in exchange for considerable fees to either manage the facilities long-term or do short-term consulting.

Managing a golf course is time-consuming and requires extensive expertise in a wide range of areas, including everything from retail sales in the pro shop to food and beverage management for the watering hole. Unfortunately, in many areas, there isn't always an available pool of talent to fill these positions and the courses suffer. Companies who supervise solve this dilemma by providing staff and services to the course for a monthly fee, searching for and recruiting the talent needed, and providing any additional training on-site.

These organizations can do all this because they have the resources and capital needed on a much larger scale than any privately owned, individual course can, in most instances. In fact, a country club or golf course owner can have a turn-key operation that turns a considerable profit if they hire a firm to turn their languishing business around. Many members also appreciate the use of an organizational operation because they know what to expect from course to course if each is directed by the same firm; consistent, reliable service without surprises adds to the appeal of a course that is affiliated with a particular team.

For anyone who is interested in golf course management, working for one of these companies offers great opportunities that working for an individual course might not. There are unique learning opportunities. Most offer a variety of seminars and private classes with well-known golf, business, and public relations experts. You also have the opportunity to relocate if you wish, since many companies run golf courses and clubs across the country and, in some cases, around the world. There are opportunities with more than one of these organizational firms to work in desirable locations like the Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, and other resort regions. If you want to move up the ladder instead of to another country, there are also opportunities to move beyond course management within a larger firm. You could become a regional manager, public relations specialist, or corporate buyer; all without having to prove yourself to a new employer.

These country club management firms look for the best and brightest, so you do want to have the proper background and education possible. Having a passion for the game and a thorough understanding of overseeing others are both essential. A degree in golf management will give you a definite edge since most academies offer a balanced blend of coursework in every aspect of club management. You will not find better instructors than at the top collegiate-level academies. The connections that these institutions have made over the years will likely help you find a job after you graduate, thus leading you to a very prosperous and rewarding career in the field you love most.

Look for a school that includes coursework in public relations, accounting, management, golf instruction, retail sales, and human resource development so that you'll be prepared to work any job within an organization and can multi-task when needed. The more versatile you are, the better your chances of joining an outstanding company. In times like these the more knowledge, you have the more likely you will be hired over the multitude of other candidates in this field. Visit them at the team event in Hamburg for more information.

Golf Lounge Resort

Golf Lounge Resort

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