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Frequently asked questions about studying in Canada?

Frequently asked questions about studying in Canada?

“Studying Canada” is not only the choice of youngsters but also their parents. Nowadays, parents are more excited to see their children studying at a top university or college in Canada. A myriad of study programs in every field not only help students to gain quality education but also open doors to numerous high-paying job opportunities. After completing higher studies, it’s a big task for students to make a decision of pursuing higher studies because of a bunch of doubts in mind. Don’t worry we will assist you in making the right decision by clarifying all your doubts. 

In this article, we have picked some of the frequently asked questions and mentioned the relevant answer to each of them. Whether you have doubts regarding study courses, top universities, accommodation in Canada, or anything else, we have put every information together so that you can easily make the best decision for you. However, if you have any other query in your mind that isn’t justified in this article, you can contact the best study visa consultants in Jalandhar

Here are questions commonly asked by students and an apposite answer to each of them:

  • Which study program to pursue in Canada? 

There is no single study program we can suggest because it is crucial to choose a study program that suits your interest, educational background and financial status. Some students go after their friends and opt for a course that is totally different from their interests. Do you think enrolling yourself in a study program entirely opposite to your passion can help you achieve your goal? Obviously not! So make a list of courses as per your passion, do comprehensive research and pick the best among them.

  • Do Canadian institutions accept the IELTS exam only? 

No, this is not true. Apart from the IELTS exam, Canadian institutions also accept TOEFL, CAEL, PTE and CELPIP. You can appear in any exam according to your preference.

  • Is it possible to work while studying in Canada? 

Yes, you will get the golden opportunity to work while studying in Canada. The Canadian government allows international students to do part-time work during ongoing sessions. However, during summer and winter vacations, students can work full-time. This way, international students can support themselves and arrange money to pay their fees, house rent, travel expenses and other household expenses.

  • Which are the best 5 universities in Canada? 

Well, every university and college in Canada is the best in its own way and offers top-quality education. Still, we have rounded the top 5 universities that have acquired a rank and are listed in the world’s best universities rankings 2022: 

  • The University of Toronto
  • McMaster University
  • The University of British Columbia
  • The University of Alberta 
  • McGill University

The fee of these universities might be a bit expensive. If you don’t have the budget to enroll yourself in these universities, you can also pick some top colleges in Canada. Make sure to choose the one that offers splendid education in the study program you are enrolling for.

  • What are the essential documents required to apply for a Canada study visa? 

To ensure that everything goes smoothly with your study visa, make sure to be careful with your documents. If you miss out on any document, you may not be able to accomplish your dream of studying in Canada. Here we have listed some crucial documents you need to arrange systematically to submit them with ease: 

  • An offer letter from a recognized institution in Canada. 
  • A valid passport(if it is expired, make sure to renew it)
  • Proof of financial funds. 
  • A well-written SOP that shows your purpose for studying in Canada and intention to come back to your native country after completion of the study program. 
  • Evidence of no criminal record. 


  • Do Canadian institutions offer scholarships to international students?  

Yes, Canadian institutes offer various scholarship schemes to international students. Well, it all depends upon the marks and grades you scored in your previous education. Sometimes, it can vary for different institutions. To attain proper information about the scholarship scheme provided by the Canadian institution and the proper criteria, you can seek the best guidance from reputable immigration consultants in Jalandhar.

Final words: 

We hope you have got the exact answer to some of your queries. If you still have numerous thoughts in your mind, it is better to take assistance from a study visa consultant. Well experienced staff can help you clear every sort of doubt so that you can choose the best for yourself.


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