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Flight Reservation: A New Hassle-Free Way of Managing Your Flight

Flight Reservation: A New Hassle-Free Way of Managing Your Flight

Managing your flight reservations can be tricky, especially if you wish to cancel your flight. Airlines do not like it when you cancel a flight, so they make it exceptionally hard.

Most fully-refundable flights are double the price of regular economy flights, sometimes even fully-refundable flight tickets imply a cancellation fee. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to cancel your flight, it is important that you first read the cancellation policy of the respective airline. Cancellation policies can vary broadly from airline to airline and the specific fare class that you choose to reserve.

Although the primary way of canceling or reserving a flight is by traditional methods such as the airline’s website and over-the-counter approach, there is also a secondary way not known to many, that is, over the call. Now the question may arise in your mind.

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Can I cancel the flight over the phone?

The untold truth is not many people are aware that they can cancel or book a flight over the phone by contacting the customer service of the corresponding airline. This not-so-traditional approach is an exceptional practice. Not all airlines allow this unconventional way of managing your reservations over the phone. And in fact, you must first become conscious of when to use this technique.

When and why reserve on the phone?

  • Urgency: when you have an urgency or emergency and do not have ample time to cancel your flight through the airlines’ website, you can contact or call the customer service of that airline and ask for the changes you want to make. Keep in mind if your flight is not fully-refundable you may be liable to be charged with a cancellation fee.
  • Airlines’ website or app is not working: sometimes airlines' websites and apps may get down because of faulty servers or during up-gradation of their website and apps and could stay down for many hours. In this case, you can cancel your reservation over the phone without any hassles.
  • Extreme situations: if you are in an intensive situation, for instance, you or one of your family members met with an accident or sick health or death of a close relative, and you cannot show up for your flight, you can contact the customer service of the individual airline and explain your extremities to the customer service agent. They will manage your reservations over the phone and will be empathetic towards your situation.
  • When an airline changes your flight schedule: if the airline you are supposed to fly with changes your flight schedule and the new flight schedule is not aligning with your calendar, then you can call the customer service of that airline and cancel your flight over the phone.
  • It consumes less time: canceling flights over a call with customer service takes less time as compared to other mainstream methods of flight cancellation and does not require any internet connection.

In a certain state of affairs, an airline’s customer service will provide you with a full refund without any cancellation charges even on non-refundable tickets after understanding your situation. Customer service agents are trained professionals and are highly empathetic towards distressed customers.

Airlines such as Spirit allow micromanaging of flight reservations over the phone. Only a few numbers of people know the fact that they can handle their Spirit flight reservation over the phone. And not only reservation but Spirit flight cancellation can also be done through the phone.

The fact of the matter is that apart from fresh reservation and cancellation, many other tasks are also possible such as rescheduling of flights, web check-in, name change baggage booking, etc. in short, with the help of spirit airline customer service almost everything is possible.



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