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Fave: The Best UPI App for Cashback


Fave makes digital payments simple. With Fave Business, instead of printing receipts for customers, cashiers can simply scan the QR code to send invoices and reminders right to your customers’ inbox. And you can give customers rewards or discounts on repeat purchases. Make any payment using your camera-enabled Fave app, save through cashback and enjoy the rewards of having a secure digital wallet instantly. With Fave, you can easily pay for your favorite food and beverage, retail, entertainment, transportation, and more. And with our cashback feature, you get rewards for every digital transaction! Download the free cashback app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today!

Fave is Southeast Asia’s homegrown cashback platform. Customers can earn cash simply by using the Fave app at their most frequented stores across the region. Now, with Fave App, you can discover new shops for shopping - including restaurants and beauty counters! You can also order food, pay utility bills and buy movie tickets! By creating exciting value-added features, Fave is helping shoppers maximize their money. Fave brings a simple and secure payment experience, with every user automatically becoming a member of a rewards program. Users can earn points while paying in-store or online, which can be accumulated to redeem for discounts from selected merchants. As Fave continues to grow the number of merchants on its platform, it offers its users an incentive to get down and spend using its app. Fave is the only app that rewards you every time you shop at your favorite retail stores. You can even get up to 35% cashback or Fave Points on your digital transactions every day! With every payment, you are earning money for your favorite charity. Fave works at your favorite retailer's -- just look for our logo to accumulate cashback and Fave Points! Fave is an app that is considered the best upi app for cashback and helps you find, discover, and enjoy the best deals from restaurants, groceries, travel, and shopping. Downloading Fave means you’re well on your way to discovering cashback offers at your favorite stores. From dining out by ordering from a host of restaurants through Fave, to grocery shopping by earning points at partner stores, we’ll help you save up to 50% on 500+ everyday items!

The Fave app connects merchants to their customers through digital coupons and instant rewards. For customers, Fave is the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to pay with QR. As an app-based platform, Fave is highly scalable and also easily accessible through all Android devices, iOS devices, or the Web.

Fave speeds up the payment process for both businesses and customers by offering reward points back to users. All it takes is a scan of a QR code and customers instantly get their rewards, making transactions quicker and easier than ever before. Guaranteed! Fave is an application, which enables the user to make digital payments at their favorite offline stores. They are committed to providing customer experiences that are seamless, frictionless, and always delightful. You can now find all your favorite stores - whether food, electronics, retail, or service providers - with the tap of a button. That’s not all. You can also save money wherever you go by effortlessly converting your cash into digital money with the Fave UPI App.