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Everything You Need to Know About nightclub Wristbands

Everything You Need to Know About nightclub Wristbands

With it comes to commercial establishments such as nightclubs, popular bars and music clubs, an economy with great functionality is the key.

Venues typically opt for two versions of nightclub wristbands – the temporary nightclub wristband which is a short-duration wristband typically used for one or two nights. Alternatively, there is the long-duration wristband meant for long-term use like a monthly pass. The short-duration nightclub wristbands are typically paper wristbands as they are the most economical to procure and can include printed logos, text and event QR codes. The longer-term nightclub wristbands are more durable materials such as vinyl or fabric, both of which can be worn for weeks or even months.

Depending on the colour of the wristband, the wearer can avail of certain facilities at the venue. The colour codes can also signify product discounts for the customer or any number of uses.

The fabric wristband is a very comfy and flexible product and can be paired with a suitable locking mechanism so that it cannot be removed or transferred. Personalised fabric wristbands can be custom-made to match the theme or branding of the nightclub by adding the logo or website. As the wristband is often worn for weeks at a time it is a great advert for the nightclub.  

Generally, fabric wristbands are available in three types of finish; either woven, silkscreen or sublimated. The woven fabric wristbands offer a classic feel and are made of up to 8 coloured threads giving that ‘handmade’ feel. These are favoured by classier and more upscale nightclubs.

We do not know whether it is true or not but is often said that ladies prefer the fabric nightclub wristband because they are more comfortable to wear. Highly personalised nightclub wristbands are used in private events and functions or for student events. The satin cloth material used for sublimated wristbands is produced with a design transfer directly onto the surface of the band. This technique allows intricate designs and even gradients to be added to the nightclub wristband in Europe.

The manufacturing and design complexity ensures that any custom nightclub wristbands are very difficult to counterfeit and therefore offer a secure and extremely durable option. They can be worn for short or long periods.

The sublimated wristbands and paper wristbands are both ideals for use as custom nightclub wristbands because intricate artwork such as logos is printed onto the band. In one particular venue in Amsterdam, I saw a customer wearing a nightclub wristband that even had a special offer written on it! It said the words ‘two buds + one’ printed on them. Meaning, for every two Budweiser beers purchased, the wearer was eligible for one free Budweiser beer.

Nightclub wristbands and custom wristbands have exploded in popularity and are synonymous with each other. Each nightclub has its own branding and image which they can easily transfer onto either woven wristbands or sublimated wristbands. Nightclub managers can add their logo and text in full colour and even add social media icons or official hashtags. RFID wristbands are also very popular for nightclubs to control purchases electronically via the chip in the band.

One of the best sites to purchase custom nightclub wristbands is below. They have an online designer that allows you to get a live preview of how the wristbands will appear when printed. With express delivery, they supply Tyvek wristbands in 2-3 days and fabric wristbands in 10-14 days. Their prices are also very competitive, check them out at www.wristbandseurope.com.

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