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Effective Ways & DIY Tips to Decorate a Dressing Table

Effective Ways & DIY Tips to Decorate a Dressing Table

A dressing table is a basic requirement in every home. It is a vital aspect of a bedroom or closet. Gone are the days when all the individuals in a house would line up for ten minutes to groom themselves in front of a simple mirror on a wall. There are several options now, ranging from simple designs to high-end opulent designs like those seen in studios.

The dressing table is one of those items in a room that is frequently ignored by individuals while decorating the room, resulting in a jumble of various items that you believe are vital to you but aren't. There are several pieces of advice and ideas for arranging your dressing table online the Internet. Some are really complicated and need a significant amount of time and effort, while others are easy and only require a few minutes of your time.

Here are a few dressing tables decorating ideas to help you transform the look of your bedroom and feel more at ease and pleased with it.

1. Segregate the storage

A dressing table is dumped with lots of necessary-unnecessary items, which makes it quite a problem when you want to look out for one specific shade of lipstick or one specific flavor of perfume. Segregate the storage efficiently with the use of drawer organizers. A neat and tidy dresser will automatically enhance its beauty and décor.

2. Lovable Lighting

A dressing table is always decorated or attached with a mirror as a preliminary tool. The mirror’s property is to reflect the beauty within us and good lighting adds to this shiny beauty in a glorious way.

Use candles for creating a more luxurious and romantic atmosphere, or contemporary lighting to contrast with the style of your dressing table. Also, keep in mind that chandeliers and floor lamps can be used.

3. A Foot Apart

"How can I organize my dressing table?" you might wonder. The first step is to choose the items you use most frequently and place them within easy reach. Consider your daily routine and the items you require every morning without a break and showcase them. Put everything out (or in the uppermost drawer), whether it's a bottle of your favorite perfume or a box full of cosmetics. It is, after all, your space!

4. Show off the Treasure

First and foremost, accessories are attractive. You may display your jewelry, bracelets, and headpieces in a variety of ways, including clear boxes or plain trays. You may also display your lavish jewelry boxes. We all know that if you keep them hidden in your drawers, you'll never wear them (Most probably because you forgot about owing them at the last minute)! So, it is always a clever decision to showcase them on top of your dressing table with a mirror so that you will never forget to use them at the last moment.

Adding blossoms to the solid wood dressing table is one of the easiest ideas. They brighten the ambiance in the space, go well with ornaments, and have a pleasant scent.

5. DIY Tips and Tricks

The most interesting part of any décor is adding a personal touch and sentimental value to it. Here are a few DIY tips and tricks that might help you make stand out from the crowd in a unique way.

  • Vinyl Sheets:  If you are into a solid wood dressing table, you must be very aware that painting wooden furniture will ruin the quality and style of that furniture. But what if you want to add slight changes in the color & texture? Go for Vinyl Sheets. They come in vast varieties and designs. All you have to do is buy one as per your needs, cut them to desired dimensions, and stick it with the help of a roller.
  • Photo Frames:  Dressing tables are storehouses of so many stories. Collect the pictures of you in different-different outfits and makeovers, stick them on cardboard neatly cut in a circular or oval shape, tie a multicolor or nude rope to it, fix it with fairy lights, and cover the edges of the mirror and Voila! the nostalgic makeover for your dressing table is ready.

Mix and match your dressing table Stools with the above-mentioned tips and tricks. Even though no one likes to admit it, we all like grooming ourselves in front of the mirror to seem our best. The finest present you can offer your dressing table is a specialized decor that meets your demands.

Happy Grooming!