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Driving Cars with a Temporary Number Plate- Commonly Asked Questions!

Driving Cars with a Temporary Number Plate- Commonly Asked Questions!

For some of the vehicles or dealerships, there is a rule that the vehicle owners can take delivery of their cars without the main number plates installed over them. Till the time the actual number plate arrives, the vehicles are offered a temporary number plate with a temporary vehicle registration number. This is to let the officials know that this car has been sold to the respective person, and the actual number plate is taking a bit of time to arrive. Therefore, the car has been released to run on roads with the temporary number plate.

In most countries, it is now mandatory for cars to have the number plates installed over them before the cars roll out from the showroom premises. But still, there are regions that allow the new cars to run on roads with temporary registrations for a limited period of time. It is illegal to drive a car on the road without either a temporary or permanent registration plate over it. There are a few common questions that individuals prefer to ask upon the use of temporary number plates in their new cars. So, this article intends to help answer most of those common questions that people often ask or search answers for:

Can Someone Cross State Lines with Temporary Number Plates?

It is permissible for you to cross the state lines with temporary number plates, but the validity is for a limited period of time. You need to keep in mind that the insurance validity is also limited upon temporary registration plates. If the insurance expires and something happens to the car beyond the state, then the insurance company will not cover the expenses.

What does A/F mean on a Vehicle’s Number Plate in India?

If some of the vehicles cannot be given the temporary number plates, then A/F is mentioned over the number plate. A/F resembles the meaning, ‘Applied For.’ You need to learn about the reason and meaning of this article. The simple meaning of this number is that the car’s owner has applied for a permanent registration number, and the traffic department has permitted him or her to write A/F over the plate. If someone is running a vehicle with A/F over the plate for more than one week, then it is illegal. You are allowed to use this only till the time you do not get the Permanent Registration Number for your vehicle.

What is the process of Registering a Temporary Number Plate?

The process of temporary vehicle registration of a new vehicle is specified by the area’s registering authority where the owner resides. The process needs to be completed before registering for a permanent number plate. The temporary number plate scheme is mostly preferred in India only. Therefore, the step to apply for the same is as follows:

Step 1: File an application to Get the Temporary Number

You need to apply for the temporary number with the use of Form 20. This serves as the application form for you to get started with the process.

Step 2: Complete the Form

Complete the form with all of the essential details with genuine information, and then submit the same to RTO. The zone should be picked based on the location of the vehicle owner.

Step 3: Make Arrangements for the Important Documents

You need to make necessary arrangements for all of the required documents with that of the form. And this is the final process for completing the procedure for acquiring your temporary number plate. The list of required documents is:

  • Form 20- The application form

  • Insurance Certificate

  • PAN Card- A copy of PAN card or Form 60 & Form 61, if PAN card is not available.

  • Proof of Address - Electricity bill or ration card

  • Form 21- Authentic Sales certificate

  • Form 22- Certificate of Road Worthiness

  • PUCC- Pollution Under Control Certificate

If you want to extend your temporary vehicle registration, then the necessary documents are listed below:

  • Form 22- Certificate of Road Worthiness

  • Form 21- Certificate of Sales

  • Insurance Policy Document- A genuine and valid insurance certificate of the new vehicle.

  • PUCC- Pollution Under Control Certificate

  • Address Proof- Relevant documents such as electricity bills, ration cards, or others.

  • Form 21: Authentic and Original Sales Certificate if the vehicle is an ex-army vehicle.

  • Design Approval Copy- It is required in the case of a Trailer or Semi-Tandem Axle (STA) Semi-Trailer.

Step 4: Make the Payment

You need to pay the tax and the fee that is specified by the RTO, and your registration will be completed.


So, this is the complete understanding of how you can apply and attend all of the necessary aspects of the temporary registration plate. There is a prime necessity of understanding all of the RTO aspects in accordance with the temporary number plate. A temporary registration plate is mostly accessible and preferable in India. The Transport Authorities of other countries have different rules upon its consideration. So, you need to check the process and regulations of different countries upon temporary number plates!

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