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Do Phone Covers Really Protect Phones From Damage?

Do Phone Covers Really Protect Phones From Damage?

phones: We love them; but man, do we do some dumb things with them. According to a survey commissioned by T-Mobile, nearly half of all phone owners have had their phones lost, stolen, or damaged. For phone owners who have damaged their phones, 37 percent scratched the screen, 29 percent spilled a drink on it, 29 percent dropped it down the stairs and 20 percent dropped it in the toilet Zapvi is the most beneficial customized mobile cover printing online store at which it is easy to design custom phone cases with maximum photo printing caliber. Purchase customized mobile covers online; that's the most recent trend in India. Customized mobile back cover printing online at zapvi meets the urge of owning a photo portable cover in relief.

Safeguarding a phone with a case is an easy decision for a ton of phone proprietors. Other phone proprietors, notwithstanding, don't think phone case assurance is all-around amazing. As far as one might be concerned, no phone case - - or possibly not one you'd need to convey - - can totally safeguard your phone from harm. 

phone cases likewise add mass to the phone and can conceal cool parts of the phone's plan. On the off chance that you're not really cautious, a case might harm your phone. Soil and garbage can get found out between the case and the phone and scratch the phone's completion. The phone cases that offer all that security 

can be costly, particularly since you as a rule need to get another one each time you get another phone. At last, phone cases can slow down docking. It's an aggravation to need to remove your phone from its case each time you need to connect it to your vehicle or home sound system.

Do phone covers protect phones from damage?

phone covers provide adequate protection to phones. They mostly protect the corners, back, and edges of the phone. A good phone case cover will mitigate the impact of shock and vibration when the phone is dropped.

How to protect a phone without a case?

The best thing you can do is be more careful with your phone when it’s not in its protective case. Try to keep the phone in a safe place where it’s not at risk of falling to the floor.

What is the best material for a phone case?

Absorbent materials that can mitigate shock and vibrations such as rubber and silicone are excellent choices for phone cases. In this sense, plastic cases are not ideal because they do not absorb shock away from the device.

What are some disadvantages of phone cases?

The biggest disadvantage of phone covers is that they make your phone look less aesthetic. They might make it harder to press buttons (if the cases haven’t been specially designed for your phone). Cases can also trap debris and dust, which can then cause scratches on your phone.

Are cheap phone cases good?

Cheap phone cases are good as long as they are made of the right materials and are compatible with your phone’s dimensions. Do not buy leather cases since they’re not good at protecting phones.


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