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Discover Your Destiny and Change Your World

Discover Your Destiny and Change Your World

Once you discover your destiny in life, the door to changing your world will open up. You are not a random blob on the face of this earth but a magnificent treasure waiting to be uncovered. Your life has a specific purpose.

God did not close His eyes and randomly throw everything up and wait to see what would stick. Just like a football team or a recipe, everything has a set place and purpose. Things get messed up when we decide to do what we want and ignore God's purpose and destiny for our lives.

The great news is that you no longer have to be like millions who are struggling with the answer to what is their destiny. You can finally know what is your destiny now.

Discover Your Destiny Journey

Thinking about your God-given destiny and pursuing the details of your destiny is a great place to start. There is much more involved, however.

There are many things working against you on your path to discovering your destiny in life. As a result, it becomes very important for you to pursue your destiny like a bulldog. It won't come jump on you and it won't wait for the right alignment of the stars.

While what I'm saying applies equally to men and women, my destiny involves ministry to men. Men walking according to God's purposes are a huge key to the health of our families, the church, and our nation.

If you do not put forth the effort to discover your destiny, you will be stuck with an abundance of heartache, confusion, and pointless journeys. You will constantly be dealing with a nagging sense of dissatisfaction not knowing what to do about it. That is bad news if you ask me.

The great news is once you have discovered your destiny, exciting challenges and adventures begin. Using Frodo from the Fellowship of the Ring series as an example, a major key to a successful journey is not trying to do this alone.

Achieving your destiny is a journey and what you need is consistent support, prayer, and Godly fellowship to successfully stay the course. You need a team working with you who are committed to helping their fellow team members.

A team like this will act as your guide to help discover your destiny and also walk in your God-given destiny.

In Ephesians, Paul talks about how we all are like a masterpiece created by God and that He arranged certain tasks for us to complete. That really motivates me.

Discover Your Destiny Teams

A team designed to launch you towards walking in the fullness of your destiny should focus on several things. It should first help you discover your destiny and help confirm a plan and steps towards achieving that destiny.

Lastly, this team must be a consistent source of encouragement. This will be very important since mistakes, course adjustments, and times of wanting to quit will likely crop up many times.

You were born to impact your section of the world for the better. It takes wisdom, courage, persistence, and a team to accomplish this. A team is waiting for you now and so is the world.

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