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Diablo 4: Avoid These Mistakes After Reaching Level 80

Diablo 4: Avoid These Mistakes After Reaching Level 80

To assist everyone, I would like to share my top five mistakes that I've made, even after reaching level 270 in the review beta and in previous betas. After extensive experience with this game, there are several errors that I strongly advise you to avoid.

Of course, if you simply want to enjoy the storyline, that's great. The story is exceptionally well-crafted and definitely worth a leisurely experience. However, if you're aiming to progress, there are certain things you should pay attention to.

Before discussing the mistakes, let me summarize the things I believe should be done correctly, which I managed to accomplish. First and foremost, I rushed through the campaign and made acquiring mounts a priority. I highly recommend everyone to do this because it significantly enhances your gameplay.

Just compare the walking speed to that of a horse—it's already faster. And that's not even considering the horse's running speed, which increases dramatically when you venture outside the main world. As you can see, it accelerates significantly, completely transforming your progression. Another important aspect is reaching World Tiers Three and Four as soon as possible. These tiers provide a substantial increase in experience and loot, which you will quickly notice after reaching them.

Therefore, focus on leveling up and earning XP as fast as you can. These are some recommendations that I endorse and have no regrets about.

Now, let's address the first mistake: neglecting side quests and inefficiently completing them. I've received countless questions about when and where to do side quests. Honestly, I became somewhat annoyed with doing the Fracture Peaks renowned quest repeatedly, so I didn't even bother with that area. As a result, you may notice that I haven't fully maximized renown in any of the regions. This is because it takes a long time to achieve that. However, there is a way to expedite the process—pick up side quests in towns, as they often offer three to four quests each. For instance, in Nostrava, the town over here, and in Yalesna, the town down below, and in Giova Shot, make sure to pick up these quests. This way, you can match the side quests to the dungeons you haven't completed yet, earning both the first-time completion renown for the dungeon and the renown for the side quest. Here's a perfect example: See? Lights. Watch. I had already cleared that dungeon, but I didn't have the associated side quest, which means I didn't receive the additional renown bonus I would have obtained if I had completed it during my playthrough.

Oh, and by the way, if you're looking to enhance your Diablo 4 gameplay even further, you might want to consider buying Diablo 4 gold from reliable online sellers. It can give you an edge by allowing you to purchase powerful items and equipment that can greatly aid your progress. Just make sure to do thorough research and choose a reputable seller such as U4GM to ensure a safe and legitimate transaction.

Furthermore, you can combine this strategy with Nightmare Sigils, which you'll acquire after reaching World Tier Three.

The second mistake I regret is not going to Hell Tide zones to farm the rare materials required to upgrade from Rank Four to Rank Five. As you can see, all my gear is currently at Rank Four because I haven't visited Hell Tide zones to gather the necessary rare materials.

This also applies to upgrading your potions, as I'll demonstrate shortly. For example, if I want to upgrade this potion, the materials on the left-hand side require Forgotten Souls, which are exclusively found during the Hell Tide event. These materials are crucial to obtain for significant upgrades.

By upgrading every piece of gear, you can achieve substantial benefits. Look at this one—1.7% additional critical damage and various extra stats. Each piece offers significant improvements, including increased vulnerable damage, more armor, and overall substantial upgrades. Therefore, it's essential to explore Hell Tide zones as you progress further in the game, particularly when you enter World Tier Four.

The same applies to the level 80 potion upgrade, which requires Fiend Roses. These roses can often be found during the Hell Tide event. Thus, you can simultaneously gather the herbs and upgrade materials in the Hell Tide zones, maximizing your efficiency.

The third mistake I deeply regret is neglecting the effects of potions. It's common knowledge that using potions grants a 5% XP boost, which is beneficial for farming. However, what I overlooked were the actual potion effects themselves. When repeatedly running the same dungeon for XP farming, it's crucial to consider the various potion effects that can significantly enhance your gameplay.

By visiting the Alchemist or Apothecary, you can access different tiers of elixirs, with potent elixirs being the most powerful. These elixirs provide effects such as increased attack speed, overpower damage, precision damage, critical strike chance and damage, elemental resistances, and more. These effects can greatly impact your survivability and damage output while farming the same dungeon repeatedly.

For example, if you encounter spider dungeons or werewolf dungeons, using elixirs that grant bonuses against those specific enemy types, such as the "Slaying One" elixir, can be immensely helpful. Similarly, elixirs like "Goatmen's Bane" are effective against boatmen, and there are other elixirs suited for different situations.

These potion effects can offer significant stat boosts, such as a potential 20% damage increase, or provide resistance to specific types of damage like poison. Even when farming the same dungeon repeatedly, these effects can make a tremendous difference in your survivability and efficiency.

Moving on to the fourth mistake, I made errors in managing my legendary items. At times, I was too stingy and salvaged them, while other times I didn't prioritize dealing with them properly. My recommendation is to always keep high rolls on legendary items, regardless of whether they align with your current build or not. High rolls are valuable and might become difficult to acquire later on. I made the mistake of using up my higher rolls too quickly, especially with my amulet tier, which delayed my progress in pushing to the next tier.

Using high rolls strategically, especially when attempting to reach World Tier Four, can be a game-changer. For example, using an aspect like "Disobedience" with a maximum roll of 75% increased armor had a significant impact on my survivability in World Tier Four farming. Using a lower roll would have been much less effective, so it's crucial to save and utilize high rolls strategically.

Lastly, I accumulated a substantial amount of gold and crafting materials, except for specific potion materials from Hell Tide zones. Having a surplus of resources allows for more frequent gear upgrades. Contrary to some concerns, as you progress deeper into the game, resources and gold become less of a bottleneck, especially if you have a stable build and don't need to frequently change gear.

Starting from World Tier Three, it's important to upgrade your gear regularly, including your jewelry. Don't overlook the significance of jewelry upgrades, and make sure to socket gems into your gear for additional stats. Even offhand or secondary loadout weapons can provide additional benefits.

Upgrading gear and utilizing sockets and gems become crucial for pushing through World Tier Three and Four, where your experience and progression will significantly accelerate.

I hope these insights help you avoid the same mistakes I made and improve your gameplay experience.

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