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Diablo 4 Announcement: End Game Dev Update & More

Diablo 4 Announcement: End Game Dev Update & More

So April is going to be pretty eventful for Diablo fans. A brand new endgame progression live stream has just been confirmed. The beta feedback roundup should follow up soon, and we also have some interesting new endgame leaks to discuss in this article.

According to the Tweet last developer stream, looking at their past plans, they might even post this around the beta feedback summary, which is planned to happen around the middle of the month.

According to the same info, Blizzard has been going through all the feedback they've received from the Beta weekends and will have an update about what they heard and what's being addressed in a couple of weeks from now and looking forward to it because there was a hefty amount of feedback on multiple aspects that pertain to Diablo 4 not just performance or server stability, but class balance, gameplay mechanics, and itemization too. Some of these concerns could be put to Rasp by having a more extensive look at how classes play in the endgame and the different mechanics they can access.

From all we know, things could look much different with a more properly realized build compared to the early stages. They already posted a quick summary of the early access and the open Beta weekend, some pretty insane stuff nonetheless, 20 million total hours played, 17 and a half million player debts. But honestly, I would have loved a total player count, too, since that paints a much better picture of the game's popularity. Nonetheless, these numbers are insane because this is not even the full game. Interesting stuff about the Butcher as well. Over 100,000 people defeated it. Still, over half a million died in that encounter, most probably because of how early and unexpected that encounter can be, taking you completely by surprise before even getting a proper build going.

Even more shocking is the insane scale of unsuccessful world Boss runs only 33,000 confirmed kills versus an Ashava versus over 4 million player deaths. Put that into perspective, that's almost 130 deaths for each encounter, or eleven per player, as each instance holds up to twelve. Nonetheless, they're going to do an update on the player count by the time the next live stream goes live. Anyway, we got some good news about a supposed Missing feature announced last year: the skill intensity. According to Daniel Briggs, Blizzard confirms it's still in the game, though very unnoticeable in the Beta. It's just that the Beta is limited to level 25. There's tons of additional content, especially at higher world tiers.

Your skill intensity is based on your skill points and legendary affixes for that skill he mentions. Quick tip for those who didn't see this skill intensity grows the more point to invest into a skill and increase its rank, usually making its visual much more noticeable and increasing the AOE range of that particular skill—for example, Sorcerer Incinerate. With a low rank looks pretty mild, and the area is smaller at low intensity compared to having it at a high rank and getting it with high intensity, something that we see for other classes, too, such as the hammer of the ancient barbarian skill that benefits a lot from covering a larger area at the high intensity compared to lower. According to the art director, a skill's total rank includes the following points: so five points you can spend in the skill tree before the skill caps out. Six extra from a skill point of fixes from gear, three from skill category of fixes, also from the gear, and four from extremely rare, in this case, redacted source. So that is 18 points in total. That can further affect one single skill, but it's not the only one.

In a later tweet, he mentions that other sources can modify the size of certain abilities, including legendary items, paragon nodes, and Glyphs. We've seen how much certain builds can benefit from even one amazing skill to maximize the damage and clearing potential. So, not only are you getting those benefits, but the skill also looks a lot cooler.

We're all older now and don't want to have to remake characters instead of being able to redistribute skill points. Is this for sure going to ship in the full launch or not? To wish this, the answer was it's not prohibitively expensive, and we've made it easier by being able to refund a single skill point or the entire tree at once, and that's it—no further clarification.

So it's possible that their previous developer Livestream could have been better when they said that it's easier to reroll a character in the endgame than to respect it completely. When they said this, they also factored in the paragon levels, getting the Glyphs, and all the other stuff you do in the endgame that will probably cost in the tens of millions, if not even more. It might be easier to relabel a character and focus on a different spec. Plus, rerolling will happen every few months regardless, as each new season introduced requires starting a new character and leveling it up to max, just like before, so it's not like you're not doing it anyway.

But moving on, the above four got a pretty interesting leak today as someone with full access to an endgame build posted this whole map of Sanctuary and all points of interest they could unlock. Until then, of course, do not get in trouble myself with Blizzard, as I don't want a lawsuit or anything, I won't be able to show it to you, but if you do a quick search on Reddit or some other Diablo for discord communities, you're going to find it probably. However, some cool mechanics and extra content were seen in them, also confirmed by official sources that were worth mentioning.

So here they are. One is the Tree of Whispers, a cycling late-game system that provides extra XP, legendary sigils, and other cool rewards by completing certain bounties or objectives. These will spawn all around Sanctuary and are like dailies that you must constantly rotate and spawn in other places.

On the map, you'll see them represented by red symbols of different intensities, each providing a number called grim favors. The light red ones, for example, provide one grim favor upon completion, made red ones provide three, and finally, the full red ones give you five grim favors. Once ten of these have been collected, they can be exchanged at the Tree of Whispers.

That can be found in the southeast, in the foul swamps of the Houser region, which is located just south of the fractured peaks that we had access to the Beta. According to some reports, the tree then lets you choose a gear slot you want these items to drop for, which includes legendaries and sometimes even uniqueness. Remember that this mechanic only opens up after a specific chapter in the main quest line, which is why we haven't seen it in the Beta until now.

Other endgame activities have also been mentioned, some returning from previous Diablo games, others being new or a combination. For example, many boss bounties are found in PvP zones represented by horned skulls on that map. They can give you extra loads, but you might have to fight other players for them.

Various dungeons and open-world encounters can also provide a resource called anima, and once you collect enough of that, you can turn this in at various altars. And this will give you an elite enemy to fight for extra special rewards. 
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