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Coolest ideas to use wax pens in different unique ways


Most people know what a wax pen is and how it works, but did you know that there are many different ways to use one? This article will introduce several creative ideas for using your cannabis wax pens. 

Take a hit before working out.

A common misconception about dabbing is that you need to take it to get high. This misconception isn't necessarily true, so don't feel limited if you're a beginner and are experimenting with a wax pen for the first time! However, taking a hit or two before working out can help ease your muscles and make your workout a little more enjoyable.

One of the best things about wax pens is that you can discreetly take hits on them at any given point and time. You don't have to worry about anyone knowing what you are doing, especially if they aren't familiar with dabbing in general.

Dab in the morning when you wake up, so you're ready for anything that comes your way.

Dabbing while still in bed is a great way to start your day. You can even try eating breakfast and dabbing at the same time!

This idea is a great way to get the day started right. It's also an excellent idea for people who are on their feet all day and need something to help them relax after work or school, as vaping will quickly relieve any stress you might be feeling. So next time your alarm goes off in the morning, remember that using a wax pen is a great way to start your day!

Fill up the chamber with water and use it as an aromatherapy diffuser.

If you're a vaping beginner, this is the perfect way to enjoy your wax pen. Fill up the chamber with water and use it as an aromatherapy diffuser. Just like that, you can now add some flavors into your daily life! You'll be surprised at how versatile these pens are once you experiment more on them.

Add flavorings like peppermint, lavender, or cinnamon oil to add extra taste/ flavor when vaping your wax.

Wax pens are unique because you can use them for many different things, and you don't just have to use them for wax concentrates. You can also add other flavorings into your wax pen, and you will battery your experience of using the device.

Use the pen as a makeshift lighter for small candles (for wax pens with wicks).

This is a pretty cool way to use the wax pen, especially if you are outside or somewhere where there isn't an actual lighter available. It's also great for camping and backpacking trips when using another lighter would be inconvenient because it might get wet in the rain. To use a wax pen as a makeshift lighter, take the wick out of the lower end to expose more of it and light that up. It will burn longer than most lighters, so you don't have to worry about running into trouble if you're using one for a more extended period, either.

Be careful not to hold the flame near the pen for too long, or it will burn out quickly. Also, make sure to blow the flame out before putting the wick back in place because you don't want any wax to drip on your hand!

Why use a wax pen?

Wax Pens are an innovative way of vaporizing and dabbing concentrates such as essential oils. These pens have a sleek look that allows you to take them with you easily. Also, cbd vape pen is more discreet than an e-cigarette and allows for a fast-acting and efficient method of ingesting wax concentrates. Depending on which pen you choose, you can use some wax pens with both dry herb concentrates and thick essential oils.

Moreover, wax pens are unique because one can use them for many different things, and you don't just have to use them for e-liquid or weed. You can also add other substances like waxes into your vape pen.


Wax pens are a pretty cool invention. They've been around for decades, but they weren't always as popular as they are today. Today, wax pens have become more and more common in the smoking/ vaping world because they have allowed smokers to enjoy their habit without being outcast by society. People also use them for decoration or just to put on a show at parties!