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Changing the World One Blog at a Time

Changing the World One Blog at a Time

I got new business cards printed to take to BlogWorld. The front has the Get In the Hot Spot branding but the back is about my new course Successful Blogging in 12 Simple Steps. “Join the affiliate program and help change the world one blog at a time”, my business card says, and those are not empty words.

Blogging can, will, and is changing the world. Positive change starts with ourselves and blogging has changed my life for the better on all levels. It’s improved my business, stretched my creativity, enriched me personally through the relationships it formed, and grown me emotionally. Blogging has made my confidence and life satisfaction soar to new highs.

That’s why I want everyone to start a blog and why I wrote Successful Blogging in 12 Simple Steps to help people get into blogging quickly and easily. I’m on a mission to get all those creative types and small business owners who’d benefit from blogging and teach them how to blog well so they can experience the benefits of it too and use blogging to create the life they want.

Bloggers Can Change their World and the Whole World

When this blog got me chosen to go to Shanghai in May 2010 my brother Tom in England sent me an email saying I was an influencer. I hadn’t really thought about it then (I try to steer clear of jargon) but what I say and do here does influence my readers. I help you stay upbeat, focused, and motivated as well as give you tips about how to succeed online.

I try to be a role model for positive living and although I’m certainly no paragon of virtue (which is probably why I’m holed up in Las Vegas aka sin city right now) my main message is to be happy and do what makes you happy and that’s attracted a happy, positive and caring group of readers. So caring in the fact that when I mentioned to them that I wanted to go to Las Vegas 72 hours later I had $1,300 in my PayPal account (enough to pay for my airfare from Australia) and several people offering me a place to stay.

How Will You Use Your Influence?

There’s even more to blogging than getting what you want out of life and today blogging can let us be part of something even bigger because it’s Blog Action Day.

Blog Action Day is an annual event that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day. The aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion around an important issue that impacts us all. The purpose of Blog Action Day is to create a discussion and get bloggers to take a single day out of their schedule and focus it on an important issue.

This year the important issue is water.

Bloggers Changing the Way People Think About Water

There is a chronic water shortage in Australia and all over the world yet the average American (and probably Aussie too) uses 159 gallons of water every day – more than 15 times the average person in the developing world.

I lived in Zimbabwe for a year where people waited at a borehole to collect water then carried it home in a bucket on their heads. That year gave me a healthy respect for water and taught me how to wash (including washing and conditioning my hair) in one bucket of water. That’s about four gallons of water but the average five-minute shower uses about 10 gallons of water. Sometimes we spend longer than that in the shower, but we need to aim for five minutes or less.

3 Simple Ways to Save Water

I don’t expect you to start washing in a bucket of water and just by highlighting the water here but I’d love to suggest a few ways you can easily save water every single day:

1. Turn the tap off while you brush your teeth.

2. Turn the tap off while you wash your face or hands.

3. Turn the tap off when you finish using it. Double-check it’s not still dripping.

Easy peasy isn’t it? Whether you call it a tap or a faucet I hope you’ll be more aware of water and how to save it.

I hope your blog will change your world and your readers’ world for the better. We bloggers are changing the world one blog at a time and that is what makes me proud to be a blogger.

How is your blog changing the world?

Please Spread the Word

Please tell your friends about Successful Blogging by using the share buttons below. Every retweet, Facebook share and stumble helps. I look forward to seeing you here again soon. Happy blogging! Annabel

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