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Camping Tips - Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Camping Tips - Enjoy the Great Outdoors

One of the most important considerations for your camping trip is the shelter you use. Many campers prefer the portable convenience of sleeping in a tent. Tents in essence protect you from the outdoor elements while still giving you the feeling of being outside. Having the proper tent and knowing how to set it up before you go ensures accessible and cozy housing when you arrive.

You can purchase a tent from a variety of retails such as Target, Wal-Mart, and Cabelas to specialized camping stores such as Millets or Blacks (UK)

When choosing a camping tent it is essential that you get the appropriate tent for your needs and that you look for certain key points such as:

  1. Choose a waterproof tent with airtight seams so drafts and water won't get in. The tent should be secure enough to handle basic natural elements such as rain and wind.
  2. Select a tent size that is at least one size up from what you actually need. For example, if you are camping with one other person, purchase a tent for 3-4 people. You will find this extra storage space Extra room in your tent is useful for storing your clothes or simply stretching out comfortably while you sleep.
  3. To be protected against fire, buy a fire retardant tent to help shield you against unexpected flames. Although it says fire retardant this does not mean it is fireproof so NEVER  build a fire inside your tent because it's extremely dangerous. Fire retardant just gives you more time to escape before it burns down  The old tents used to burn down in under 15 seconds!

Before you go camping, secure a spot at the campgrounds in an area designated for tent camping. Most campsites have separate areas for recreational vehicles, pop-up shelters, and tents. Make sure you reserve a section at the campgrounds ahead of time so you have a place to pitch your tent when you arrive.

One important thing before you set off is to make sure you know how your new home goes up.  Practice setting up your tent in the backyard or another wide open space. When you know what to do before you go, it's much easier to repeat when you get there. And keep in mind you might be driving for a long time and arriving at the campsite tired and possibly in the dark!.

When you finally reach your camping destination, carefully select your tent spot:

  • Pick a place with dry, level ground and no sharp objects, large rocks, or branches. Another good tip is to pitch your tent on top of an old sheet of plastic just smaller than the groundsheet this  helps provide further protection from sharp objects you might have missed and kept the groundsheet clean and dry for packing
  • Never camp under trees as the resin could damage the tent and even when it stops raining water can drip on your tent for hours afterward
  • The tent should be set up far away from food storage and fire areas.
  • For additional protection from the elements, bring along a tarp to set up as a portable shelter from rain or sun.
  • Never store food in your tent as it may attract unwanted wildlife such as foxes they will not think twice about going through the side of the tent rather than using the door
  • Get rid of the trash in designated areas far away from your tent.
  • Lock up your food at night in an airtight container or in your car so pests don't visit.

If you are allowed then set up your tent in a scenic spot to enjoy a beautiful nature view. Remember that certain campgrounds don't allow you to pick your spot so take advantage of this luxury if you have it. If you are unable to choose your site, then make sure you inspect the area and get rid of any stones, sticks, and debris before you pitch your tent. Leaving debris can rip the bottom of your tent and compromise your shelter.

Camping is a fun and exciting way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the mysteries of nature. This website is designed to help make any camping experience enjoyable and fun for both you and the family


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