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Bing Maps API - How to Get the Most Out of It

Bing Maps API - How to Get the Most Out of It

Bing Maps API allows developers to integrate mapping and geolocation technology to create rich user experiences in their web and mobile applications. This gives them the ability to add location-based search, directions, and mapping capabilities in their applications to provide users with an enhanced online experience, regardless of whether they’re looking for businesses in their neighborhood or the best route from Point A to Point B.

Step 1

Create an account and Download Bing Maps control: This is a very simple step. We will be able to download different controls provided by Microsoft like Bing maps, Bing images, data maps, and maps for business. Also, we can play with several features like Panoramic map tours, geocoding and satellite imagery, etc which will help you in achieving your objective with greater ease. If you need any support regarding our APIs then you can go through the bing developer center from where you can get all the required details. Go for it.

Step 2

View Topo Maps or Aerial View? View Topo Maps for Big Picture The term topographic map comes from a French word, topographie, which means land description. These maps have been around since medieval times and were originally called country maps. In fact, many people still call them that today. When a surveyor makes a topographic map he or she starts by drawing contour lines on a blank sheet of paper using an ink pen with red ink.

Step 3

Start Driving Leads, Sales and Revenue. Two quick ways I use it: [Insert 1] and [Insert 2]. They’re both pretty effective if done right (I’ll explain how in a minute). You can also check out these statistics to see for yourself how we generate leads and sales. These may seem like a lot, but we also have well over 50+ million search terms driving traffic every month. That said, you don’t need huge numbers (we started off small too). Not all keywords will be great for you; different businesses require different targets. But overall it does work if done right!

Step 4

A Map Can Make Any Place Better (Or at Least Easier to Find) When you’re planning a corporate event, it’s not enough just to know where your customers will be; you also need to figure out how they’ll get there. That means location and transportation information is crucial—and that’s where Bing comes in. Bing Maps and Directions APIs can help you create a handy digital map that gives visitors clear directions and ensures everyone gets there safely.

Step 5

Do, Do, Do. Work with your contacts to determine when is a good time for you to stop by their office and demonstrate what you’ve created. Prepare an elevator pitch about why you built what you did and how it works. Make sure your solution solves some business problems that they have. At its core, each platform addresses one specific need -- not five or six. Therefore, your presentation should focus on highlighting one of these needs rather than talking about every feature available in every module in an automated tone.


Bing maps gives you a chance to map your location and display that data on your business app or website. Once your have know-how, it's quite easy to add Bing maps to your site. All it takes is a little JavaScript and some HTML, and you can easily add mapping capabilities right away. Before long, you'll be creating custom applications with Bing maps in mind.