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Best & Regulated Canada Immigration Consultants & Lawyers.

Best & Regulated Canada Immigration Consultants & Lawyers.

Mr Sean Fraser, Minister of the IRCC, organizes Canada's immigration. Under several immigration categories, the nation annually welcomes thousands of immigrants. Additionally, various Canadian provinces, regions, businesses, and organizations offer newcomers the opportunity to live and work there.

Refugees, immigration, and citizenship Canada aids immigrants in entering the country, defends refugees, and helps newcomers establish themselves. The IRCC also confers citizenship and grants passport-like identity documents to Canadians. As a result, the government's immigration plan selects immigrants based on their ability to adapt economically, their humanitarian concerns, and their ability to reunite families, which helps distribute the advantages of immigration throughout society.

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The programmes that will assist you in moving to Canada are listed below.

Express Entry

Canada's most excellent immigration experts will choose the straightforward immigration technique for your immigration profile. The perfect time to start your immigration adventure is now because Canada has higher immigration goals than ever.

Express Entry is the easiest and most well-liked immigration option in Canada. Permanent residency may be given to applicants who use the Express Entry procedure six months after they submit their applications.

Over the years, Canada plans to accept more than 240,000 immigrants using three Express Entry streams.

Federal Skilled Worker, or FSW

The Canadian Experience Class, sometimes known as

Skilled Trades Federal (FST).

Provincial Nominees Programs

Throughout the pandemic, provinces kept advising foreign workers to get permanent residency in Canada.

Canada's three territories and ten provinces have a large selection of potential candidate programmes. Each PNP has unique qualifying conditions. However, some programmes exclusively choose foreign applicants who can meet the province's labour market demands.

Canada Study Permit

More than 350,000 international students visit Canada each year. International students can eventually obtain their permanent residence by first entering the country with a study permit, then applying for a work permit after graduating, and obtaining their permanent residence by filing an Express Entry application.

Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)

Students who qualify can gain significant Canadian work experience with Post-Graduate Work Permits. The CRS, thorough ranking system, and an individual's score are also highly influenced by a person's depth of knowledge and Canadian educational background.

A work visa for those newly graduated from college is not a comprehensive programme for permanent residence. However, it allows most international students who graduated from a Designated learning institution to remain in Canada after completing their studies and finding employment with any Canadian company.

Super Visa (Parents & Grand-Parents)

A category of visa known as the "Super Visa" has been authorized by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), allowing parents and even grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to visit and stay with their relatives in Canada for up to two years without requiring to leave the country to renew their immigration status. A Super Visa can be used for up to ten years after it is issued and entitles the holder to numerous entries.

Dual intent LMIA (Work Permit + Permanent Residency)

This category accepts applications for both a work permit and Express entry. An LMIA of this type may be helpful in a request for permanent residence in Canada. This category may vary depending on the National Occupation Classification (NOC) type.

Spousal Open Work Permit (SOWP)

After obtaining a job offer from an employer, your spouse or partner can accept and work in Canada. In addition, you can apply for a spousal open work visa with the advice of the top immigration experts for Canada to enable your spouse to work full-time while you study or work.

Business Immigration

Most business immigration programmes require a significant financial commitment to the venture you wish to start in Canada. A specific amount will be required depending on the programme you're interested in. Many PNPs offer initiatives for local company owners that need a lower initial expenditure from candidates interested in starting a business in a high-density area.


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