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Best gin in the world!

Best gin in the world!

After a long day at work, you would prefer some relaxing music, sitting on your comfy couch with a glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage in your hand. As perfect as it sounds, the big confusion one gets, is what type of drink do I need right now? Maybe grab a beer, or some whiskey, or maybe even a vodka tonic. But there is this one drink that can light up your mood as soon as you take a sip of it. Yes, a bottle of Gin is what you need. The flavor of juniper berries not only gives you a good taste, but the low calories and its botanical properties make it the healthiest spirit. Now, let’s talk about, which is the best gin one can have, or as the Germans say bester gin!

Hamburg Zanzibar- Bester gin in the world

There are many brands in the world, competing to have the best gin. But no one is even close to being the best. The Hamburg Zanzibar is award-winning for the best gin in the world. A gin lover would really love to try out its different flavors. The brand is inspired by the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania. The wild spices it possesses, make you feel the breezes and the scorching sun. The drink is made very wild and intense, making it thrilling to drink for alcohol lovers. Their gin is made with turmeric, which provides the drink some strong and deep tones and a hint of woody component, juniper berries, which brings out the actual taste of the gin; a resinous and bitter taste. Last but not the least, red pepper, which increases the intensity of the drink by a notch and makes it spicy. Their site gives you a chance to shop gin sitting at your home. They have a wide range of collections of gins and aquavit, that one can try. Hamburg Zanzibar was named as the bester gin in early 2021.

Different ways you can drink the bester gin

NEAT GIN: Gin has an adequate amount of alcohol in it, along with different flavors of juniper berries, coriander, lemon, pepper, and saffron. The different brand uses different combinations of flavors for their trademark. Hamburg Zanzibar also uses a lot of combinations, which makes it favorable to drink it neat.

GIN+TONIC:  It is the most common way of having gin all over the world. Some ice cubes, the Hamburg Zanzibar gin, and water tonic, you will have your gin tonic ready. But it is not as easy as it sounds. There is a specific way to make the gin tonic. The order of putting ingredients in the glass should be ice cubes, then add 2-6 cl of the bester gin, and lastly, squeeze a wedge of lemon and enjoy the drink.

GIN COCKTAILS: The best bottle of gin to try out different cocktails is the Hamburg Zanzibar Tumeric gin, which can help you to redesign the drink from its roots.

  • Mix Dry Martini: Prepared in a mixing glass and a stem, add some ice cubes according to your needs to 5 cl of gin and 1cl vermouth. Stir it well and add some olives and lemon wedges to your glass.
  • Gin sour: If you are bored with the normal dry gin cocktails, this is something that will charge your taste buds. Add 4 parts of Tumeric gin with some lemon juice and sugar syrup. Shake the mixture vigorously on ice. If you would like to shoot up your thrill, add some egg clear as well, which will give your tongue a nice feel while you drink the cocktail.

Gin has become one of the most famous drinks in the world, due to the versatility of its taste. The taste is dominated by the resinous and bitter taste of juniper berries, but the drink can also be made sweet, spicy, earthy, with grassy aromas, citrus, and a lot more combinations, whatever pleases your taste buds. You can shop gin anywhere in the world, but for the best gin on the globe, Hamburg is your place!

Hamburg Zanzibar

Hamburg Zanzibar

Stadtrand & Co. GmbH

Hamburg-Zanzibar distills a very special spirit: Tumeric Gin, distilled with the best turmeric for an absolutely extraordinary drinking experience. Travel from Hamburg to Zanzibar in just one sip.


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