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Best and Secure way to Migrate GroupWise to Office 365

Best and Secure way to Migrate GroupWise to Office 365

Sometimes, email client users have to deal with lots of email-related issues. As emails are an integral part of an organization, every user wants to make it simple to manage their emails. For this, users look to migrate GroupWise to Office 365 mailboxes using a powerful solution.

GroupWise is an email client that offers many user-centric features. But still, many users want to do the migration from GroupWise since Microsoft starts providing Office 365 cloud-based Saas. Office 365 offers advanced features that will help users manage their emails reliably.

With the help of this blog, we will show you a professional solution to do this task instantly and accurately. So, read this blog till the end and learn each step carefully to do your migration task professionally.

Why does GroupWise to Office 365 migration make sense?

The transfer data from the GroupWise email client to Office 365 is at the top. Many users want to migrate GroupWise to Office 365 mailboxes to adopt the advanced features of Office 365. By doing this, users can make managing their essential emails more straightforward.

  •  Office 365 offers many user-centric features that help users do their tasks effectively. Moreover, its user interface is easy to understand, so anyone can use it to do their work.
  •  The users can also access their data from anywhere in the world where the internet exists. It also has the capability of handling multiple accounts at once, so users can easily access their professional and personal accounts with Office 365.
  •  MS Office 365 has assembled many desktop and web-based applications such as Outlook, Skype, Exchange, MS Word, and many more.
  •  The maintenance cost should be reduced once users adopt Microsoft Office 365, a cloud-based platform.
  •  Its pricing is affordable to all users, and even individual users or large enterprises can use Office 365. Moreover, users can easily cut over or add on the users as per their requirements as it has a monthly-based subscription plan.
  •  It provides better security that keeps your data secure from various future mishaps. Also, it offers a 5 GB free storage facility that makes it easy for users to store their important data.

Above are the advantages of choosing Office 365, and this is why users want to migrate GroupWise to Office 365 mailboxes. Hence, users must look for a solution that does this migration task effortlessly.

Possible ways to move from GroupWise to Office 365

This task is not possible with the help of the manual method, so users only have to go with a professional solution to migrate GroupWise to Office 365 mailboxes. But due to the large availability of professional tools in the market, it is challenging for users to analyze which is the best. So, we have come up with this guide to introduce you to a powerful tool to do this task instantly.

The best solution that users can opt to do this migration task is the Shoviv GroupWise to Office 365 Migration Tool. This is a robust solution that is capable of migrating multiple GroupWise mailboxes to MS Office 365. Let us briefly learn how this solution works and what features are available in it.

A third-party tool to move from GroupWise to Office 365

Users can use the Shoviv GroupWise to Office 365 Migration Tool to make the GroupWise mailbox migration task rapid. This software is a straightforward solution that all users can use to do this task effortlessly. It perfectly maintains the folder hierarchy and integrity of the data. The users can add multiple GroupWise mailboxes at once without size restrictions.

The users can easily migrate GroupWise to Office 365 mailboxes as it works without limitations. Most importantly, users do not need technical expertise to handle this tool for transferring data to Office 365. Users can use its filter option, which allows them to add the desired item and remove unwanted ones. Users can also choose the selective items to process with the GroupWise to Office 365 migration task with this option.

The working of the tool is easy to understand for all users. Moreover, users can process multiple mailboxes at once with the help of this tool. The tool's speed is faster, and it only takes a minimal time to do this task successfully. Also, this tool allows users to convert their GroupWise mailboxes into multiple file formats such as PST, EML, and MSG. The GUI of the tool is simple, so no one will face any problems when they migrate GroupWise to Office 365 mailboxes.

It provides a splitter option that users can use to split the resultant PST file into smaller sizes. By doing this, users can avoid the resultant large-sized PST file problems. This software also generates a full report of the entire procedure at the end. Users can save this report for future reference in a local drive. Users can use its free trial version if they want to learn more about its features and understand how this tool works.

GroupWise to Office 365 Migration Tool – stepwise working

Here, we will teach you how to migrate GroupWise to Office 365 mailboxes using Shoviv professional tool. Begin this task by following the below steps.

Step 1: Run the Shoviv GroupWise Migration Tool.

Step 2: Click on the Add button to select the mailboxes.

Step 3: After selecting the mailboxes, tap on the Ok button.

Step 4: Then, pick the Office 365 option in the ribbon bar to continue.

Step 5: Check or uncheck the subfolders list and then click Next.

Step 6: Click the fetch all mailboxes from Outlook profile option. Select your profile and tap Next to continue.

Step 7: Use the Mapping option to map the source mailbox to the target. After doing it, click on Next.

Step 8: Then, filter items if you want to pick out the selective ones from the mailbox. After that, use the folder mapping option to map a source mailbox folder to the target folder. Tap on the Next button.

Step 9: The tool will start migrating the GroupWise mailboxes to Office 365 account. Click the Finish button after completing this task.

With the help of this stepwise guide, users can make their tasks easy as a cakewalk. The steps are also simple; one will be able to understand each step easily.

Final Words

The above blog described a reliable solution to quickly migrate GroupWise to Office 365 mailboxes. In the end, users should choose the Shoviv professional third-party tool to do this task easily. Users can try out this tool's free demo version, which can process the first fifty items per folder. Also, users can use its free demo version to analyze its functionality and learn more about its features.

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