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Beginners Guide to applying for Canadian Permanent Residency through Express Entry

Beginners Guide to applying for Canadian Permanent Residency through Express Entry

Do you know Canada welcomes thousands of skilled workers each year through the Express Entry system?

Express Entry is one of Canada’s most popular and fastest pathways to permanent residence. It is an online system that is used to manage immigration applications. So, if you are a beginner and confused about the various terms for applying for Canadian Permanent Residency through Express entry, then you’re at the right place. 

Today’s blog has covered a detailed guide on applying for the Canadian Experience Class. So, don’t forget to read the whole blog till the end. Keep reading!

Before moving further, Let’s understand deeply what Express Entry Is?

What is Express Entry(EE)?

Express Entry is an online immigration application system that allows people to submit their profiles and be considered skilled immigrants. In addition, those candidates with the highest-ranking are asked to first apply for Express Entry to live and work in Canada.

Consequently, it is an electronic management application that assists an applicant in immigrating to Canada. The primary purpose of EE is to facilitate the selection and process of the Canadian economy immigration program under the Federal Skilled Worker Class, the Federal Skilled Trades Class, the CEC, and part of a Provincial Nominee Program. 

How does Express Entry work?

  • According to the point system, your application will be ranked if you fill out a profile.
  •  You would be asked to apply for a Permanent Residency in Canada as a skilled immigrant if you ranked highly.
  • Once you finalize the application procedure, it will process your application within the next six months.

Most probably, you must be wondering, how can you apply for Express Entry, Right? So, let’s have a look at that too.

How Can you apply for Express Entry (EE)?

Applying for Express entry is usually a two-step process wherein the first step you need to submit your profile which requires some important documents including;

  • Education Assessment Report
  • Language test results
  • Travel & Passport Documents

Once you submit your complete profile, you will receive an invitation to apply for Canadian PR. You also need to provide an actual application which includes your Additional Identity Document, Reference Letters, Results of a Medical Examination, and Police Clearance Certificate.

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Eligibility for Express Entry?

Individuals with a university or a college degree, professional work experience, moderate proficiency in English or another language like French are ideal EE candidates. Consequently, an applicant must meet all the eligibility requirements to submit a profile to the express entry system. In addition, they also have to be eligible for one of the three federal programs, including:

  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
  • Federal Skilled Trades (FST)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Requirements for Express Entry 

There are some requirements that an applicant must follow to be eligible to apply as a skilled worker; therefore, an applicant:

  • Must be able to manifest a minimum score of 7 CLB or Canadian language benchmark on an approved language test.
  • Must have one year of continuous full-time work experience in the last ten years in the skilled occupation.
  • Have completed post-secondary education that is usually assisted against Canadian standards with an educational credential assessment.

Above, there are minimum requirements to apply to the Canadian Express Entry system as a skilled worker. However, an applicant must be required with a strong profile to be selected for further procedures.

Is a Job offer required for Express Entry (EE)?

You do not require any job offer for the EE system. However, most applicants selected for EE do not have any Canadian job offers. In addition, if you have a Canadian job offer, it can add up to 200 points to your CRS score.

Duration the Express Entry process takes?

The process of Express Entry can take at least six months, right from the submission of the profile to the issuance of a permanent resident visa. However, some processes might take a long time to be completed. In addition, If you do not receive an invitation to apply, then your Express Entry profile will be active in the pool of candidates for about 12 months. Later, after 12 months, you are supposed to resubmit your profile if you still haven’t received an invitation.

For Canadian Experience Class

Since the earliest time, the Canadian experience class or CEC has already offered significant pathways for the applicants who worked in Canada and transferred it to their permanent residence. As a result, the CEC is one of the very prominent options for temporary foreign workers and international graduates. 

Consequently, the CEC has grown in a big way into one of Canada’s most prominent immigration pathways for skilled workers. It is considered one of the overwhelming successes by communities, employers, and governments across Canada and immigration applicants.

What is the Canadian Experience Class program?

The Canadian experience class or CEC program is for candidates who have massive Canadian working experience, and now they are seeking permanent immigration to Canada. For the CEC, an applicant with excellent working experience can apply every three years to obtain your professional work experience and have legal status while working or studying in Canada. It is one of the fastest routes to Canadian permanent residence, and the process can take 3 to 4 months to process.

Eligibility for Canadian Experience Class program

You will be eligible for the Canadian experience class only if you meet the following requirements-

  • Applicants must have a year of skilled technical and professional working experience in Canada within 31 months of the application date.
  • For the Canadian experience class, you must meet the different language levels for your job, including- reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • Must have gained working experience working in Canada under temporary resident status with authorization.
  • They are already planning to work and live outside of the province of Quebec. 
  • Must meet Canadian language benchmark of 5 (CLB) for NOC B jobs and CLB 7 for skill level or A jobs.
  • At least one year of working experience defined massive hours of skilled workers in Canada and can obtain it through full-time or part-time work.

Applicants can also stay in Canada during the application process. Consequently, the Canadian experience class is open to individuals who are no longer in Canada. They can even submit significant applications within the three years of leaving the job.

The requirements for the Canadian experience class are usually based on the pass and fail model. If the minimum requirements are fulfilled, an applicant can enter the EE pool. However, if an application is not suitable for the Canadian Experience Class, then there may be a specific reason like if-

  • An applicant is working without authorization.
  • An applicant has gained working experience without temporary resident status in Canada.
  • An applicant is a refugee claimant in Canada. 

Click here to know more about the Canadian Experience Class.

How to calculate Canadian Experience Class CRS points?

You can use the CRS calculator tool to calculate  CRS points. Usually, the EE holds invitations and invites of CEC applications based on their CRS scores.

Is it required to have proof of funds for the Canadian Experience Class?

No, generally, proof of funds is not required for the CEC program, and you will also not be required to provide any documentation regarding your finances.

Can I apply to the CEC program from outside of Canada?

Unfortunately, yes. You can apply to the Canadian experience class program from outside of Canada as long as you meet all basic eligibility for the CEC mentioned above and use it from anywhere in the world.

What are the Residency Obligations that can arise?

Canada Residency application for permanent residents need a person to be present physically inside of Canada at least 730 days or to meet any of the following situations:

  • The person outside Canada is Employed on a full-time basis by a Canadian business or by the public service of Canada.
  • The person is an accompanying common-law partner, spouse, or child of a resident outside Canada and employed full-time by a Canadian business or a public service of Canada or a Canadian province.
  • If the person is outside of Canada accompanying a Canadian citizen who is their common-law partner, spouse, or if the person is a child, accompany their parent.

Suppose a person has had a Canadian PR for more than five years. In that case, the residency obligations will be calculated based on the five years before the date of an application received by a visa office.

Consequently, if a person has been a Canadian permanent resident for less than five years, they can be eligible to apply for a permanent residency card renewal for PRTD. 

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