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AVA Wireless Monitor(Say goodbye to wires and cables)

AVA Wireless Monitor(Say goodbye to wires and cables)

AVA turns your home devices into a 4K wireless HD powerhouse. Any video device can be wireless and lossless transmission in High Definition without latency. Can you imagine an ultra-light wireless touch screen that can work with zero latency, lossless video quality, and no need to pair Bluetooth for touchback? It's come true! In early 2022, a company called InnLead focused on innovation and launched an excellent product: AVA wireless HD ultra-thin zero-latency multi-touch screen. AVA surpasses any other products, adopts the most advanced wireless HD touch technology inside, and supports wireless HD touch without pairing Bluetooth. Take you to the next generation of wireless HD experience, with its strong signal coverage of 20 meters (65.6168 feet), enabling you to enjoy futuristic tech fun anytime, anywhere. In the past, wireless touch control broadly relied on Bluetooth, which was inconvenient to pair different devices every time for connection. And Bluetooth usually has a noticeable delay and distance constraints. The innovated AVA made a substantial breakthrough in its next-gen wireless touch technology, which utilizes built-in wireless HD to provide an exceptional wireless touchback experience. No latency by ultra-fast 5G mm-Wave technology. With its built-in the latest 5G mm-Wave technology, it does not rely on the carrier's 5G signal at all.

AVA is already packed with its advanced docking transmitter to provide wireless HD signal transmission and convenient usage to the user. The transmitter is magnetically attractable to the smartphone's back. It is similar use a wireless charge experience, simple and easy. Beyond the work efficiency, AVA also brings up more future game possibilities. Wireless Nintendo Switch, wireless HDMI game display, wireless somatosensory games, etc... No latency display gives gamers the highest responsive joyful experience.

A short demo of this device: https://youtu.be/i4qP2Qvz6ZI

A video containing a review and contents of this monitor: https://youtu.be/YL0GvH6uywc

If you want to know more about this then visit: https://ava-4k-wirelesshd-dex-pc-mac.kckb.st/cd0d60b9