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Are you traveling to Satkosia? You should check out these tours

Are you traveling to Satkosia? You should check out these tours

Satkosia National Park is located on the border of West Bengal and Jharkhand, on the main bank of the river Kangsabati. It covers an area of about 750 km2 and has four different types of forests with rich biodiversity. The park area is totally surrounded by several villages which, in turn, are situated inside the park boundaries along with one village inside the park. It has been declared as a Tiger Reserve since 1973 after which it has also been declared as a National Park since 1978.


1) What is Unique About this Temple

The temple is located in Jharkhand, India. Its land area is 34 acres and its income from agricultural lands was Rs 36 lakh in 2005-06. The presiding deity of Satkosi temple, Lord Brahma has a special place in Indian mythology. It is believed that when a person enters into another world after death, he or she will reach a pit in which fire burns and there are four paths going in all directions. The road going up north leads to heaven where heavenly men live happily for centuries but do not have any control over their way of life or destiny.


2) How much time should I spend here

To really explore and appreciate all of Satkosia, we recommend that you spend at least one night. There is quite a bit of walking involved and if your main interest is hiking or sightseeing, we suggest adding on an extra day. Of course, it’s always worth taking some time just to relax and unwind with a book in hand; those who enjoy birdwatching will also want to make sure they don’t miss sunrise or sunset! With such beautiful scenery around every corner, it’s easy to feel like there’s something new around every bend—and as such, we encourage visitors not to rush through their stay here. This tour can easily be done as a weekend trip from Kolkata or Kalimpong.


3) How much money do I need to visit Satkosia

The cost of visiting Satkosia depends on what you want to do while you’re there. Many travelers say that if they had it to do all over again, they would have set aside more time for sightseeing and less time working. When planning your trip, think about how much money you’d like to spend and then see how that aligns with your schedule. For example, if a single safari costs $50 and excursions around the city cost $25 each, your total daily spend will be $75.


4) Which place can be included in my itinerary if I have limited time

Tourists with a limited time in Madhya Pradesh can add a day trip to Satkosia National Park into their itinerary. It's close enough that many people choose to stay nearby overnight, which makes it easy for sightseeing and wildlife viewing. If your itinerary allows for an extra couple of days, however, set aside time for nearby Panna National Park or Kanha National Park. Both are closer than Satkosia and will give you more opportunities for exploring both flora and fauna along with man-made attractions like tiger reserves and archaeological sites.



The reason why most tourists don’t visit Satkosia is because they aren’t aware of it, and a basic knowledge of Bengali culture isn’t enough for a tourist to appreciate all that Satkosia has to offer. But if your trip takes you through eastern India, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take a detour into Satkosia. Take a look at Bengal Tour Plans—we have some great tours that can help introduce you to nature and history of India. Don't hesitate anymore! Visit our website right now! We will plan your tour with personalized itinerary and we will be with you every step of the way. Thanks for reading and enjoy your next adventure with Bengal Tour Plans !!!



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