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All You Need to Know About Different Tyres in the Market


Multiple car brands offer a wide range of Tyres Whitchurch based on seasons, weather and road conditions. The tyres that you get will impact the overall performance, safety and fuel efficiency while driving. Moreover, inspecting tyre markings such as traction and rolling resistance is also essential while getting new units. 

Different Types Of Car Tyres You Can Buy 

  • Summer Tyres: The summer season brings heat, humidity and dry road conditions. Driving your car equipped with standard tyres in such summer conditions can lead to premature tread wear and deliver an uncomfortable drive. Thankfully, summer tyres are constructed with special materials that allow them to perform efficiently in conditions above 7 degrees celsius. Additionally, the ingenious design of summer tyres also provides a safe drive in wet weather conditions and reduces the risk of aquaplaning. Installing summer tyres can help improve performance, comfort and safety in the hottest months of the year. Also, summer tyres can last longer than standard units and are less likely to get damaged early. 

  • Winter tyres: Winter road conditions can be unpredictable and car owners can struggle to maintain their performance and safety when driving. Driving your car over snowy, icy or wet roads by installing standard/stock tyres on your vehicle will reduce the overall performance, comfort and safety. Fortunately, winter tyres are perfect for car owners looking to get the best driving experience in temperatures below 7 degrees celsius. Winter tyres are manufactured using flexible compounds that enable them to remain pliable even in sub-zero temperatures to provide a comfortable drive and reduce tyre damage. Also, winter tyres come with an aggressive and deep tread design that allows them to last longer and make them less likely to get damaged early. Additionally, most winter tyres have a clever groove design that enables excellent aquaplaning resistance and enhances grip and traction during the winter season. 

  • All-season tyres: All-season tyres are the most commonly bought units across the world. These tyres are the perfect mix of summer and winter tyres. What's remarkable about all-season tyres is their ability to deliver good year-round driving performance in moderate weather conditions. Installing all-season tyres on your vehicle removes the hassle for the car owners to change/ replace tyres every new season for improved safety and fuel efficiency. Moreover, the moderate tread depth of all-season tyres provides improved rolling resistance and reliable aquaplaning resistance.

Different Types of Tyres Whitchurch Based on Automobile Segments

  • 4x4 Tyres: 4x4 tyres are made for SUV and CUV car owners looking to get high-quality tyres that offer excellent performance without lowering your on-road safety. There are three types of 4x4 tyres commonly available in the market called Mud Terrain (M/T), Highway Terrain (H/T) and all-Terrain (A/T). The M/T tyres are designed to deliver the best driving experience in off-road situations. Highway Terrain tyres are meant for driving on city roads, and all-terrain tyres are made to deliver a mix of on and off-roading performance. Moreover, 4x4 tyres come with an aggressive tread design that is well-known for delivering improved grip, traction and handling. 

  • Performance Tyres: If you are a sports or luxury car owner, then performance tyres are the best option for your vehicle. These tyres are generally the stock tyres installed by major sports car manufacturing companies. These tyres are created using premium-quality rubber to offer enhanced comfort and stability when driving a car at high speeds. Also, performance tyres have to undergo tough safety and performance tests to ensure their roadworthiness. Installing performance tyres on your car today will offer superior braking ability as well as impressive handling.

  • Run-flat tyres: Are you looking for additional on-road safety? Then, equip your car with RFTs if you need extra safety when driving. Run-flat tyres can function well for around 50 miles at about 50 mph, even with a puncture. RFTs come with reinforced sidewalls that allow them to successfully support the overall load-bearing ability and offer a reliable safe drive with a punctured tyre. Also, RFTs remove the hassle for car owners to carry a spare tyre every time. 

Contact a tyre provider today if you still have doubts about the Tyres Ellesmere or want some additional information.