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After Graduation. Now What? A Guide For Accounting & Finance Students


After graduation, you’re eventually ready to jump headfirst or dip your toes into the real world of professionalism. As a modern accounting and finance graduate, you probably have a few preconceived thoughts of what you're going to do with your life or what your life is going to look like once you begin your professional career. Let’s just have a bit of conversation about what you can anticipate beginning (including some of the more rigid entities), how you can drive the highest accounting credential - US CPA Exam, where to get the best CPA exam study guide, and how you can experience a fulfilling life in this “real professional world”.

Thinking Out the US CPA Exam

If feasible, schedule your US CPA exam during the summer

Many organizations recruit positions beginning in the fall after your graduation. If you have the whole summer off before you commence your new work, practice it to beat out a pair of sections of the US CPA Exam. Moreover, if you begin your work in June, the summer hopeful won’t be crazy occupied, so practice some of your unoccupied work time to study for the US CPA exam. As a modern accounting and finance graduate, practicing your last summer of liberty to study or the US CPA Exam might not sound very convincing, but you’ll appreciate yourself later. You would definitely have a lot of free chances to study for the US CPA exam.


Complete the US CPA Exam Before Occupied Season

Establish yourself up ahead to pass all four sections of the US CPA exam before the busy season if you can. If that appears too hard for you, at least attempt to complete up an exam section before the busy season begins.

Don't worry if You Can', Don’t Hit Yourself Up

Passing all four sections of the US CPA Exam before the busy season isn’t an uncomplicated feat. That provides you seven months after graduation to pass all four sections. So if it doesn’t appear, don’t bother about it. You can adjudicate to consider on your days off during the busy season, or you can take your time off and get back to examining once the springtime rolls around. The key factor here is to generate a great schedule. Select a time you’re dying to jump back into studying and adhere to that time.

Discover Your Motive, and Find What Goes Right for You

The most difficult section about passing the US CPA Exam is getting the motivation to continue going when the running gets tight. To pass the US CPA exam in one go, you need to


have the motivation and the best CPA Exam Study Guide. So what’s your motivation? Is it to improve your professional career? Or to make more money? Or to afford a good life for your family? Dig deep to get all your queries answered, “why,” and then connect to it whenever you’re feeling like you want to shrink up. If you want to pass the US CPA Exam faster and more efficiently, give KC Global a try!

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