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A Short Insight into the History of Gin| bester gin | shop gin online

A Short Insight into the History of Gin| bester gin | shop gin online

Gin is one of the best alcohol humanity has ever come across. It is consumed widely all across the globe. But, why best Gin? Because one of the great things about gin is that it is versatile and really quite exciting. Gin is an important building block for a cocktail, it is one of the fastest-growing spirits in the world. With transcending technology you can shop gin online nowadays as well. But the question is who invented this splendid elixir?

In order to learn about the originality of this amazing distilled alcohol, we need to go back to the 11th century. It was discovered by European Monks and alchemists for medicinal purposes, to provide aqua vita from distillates of grapes and grains. At that time it was known as jenever. The name comes from the french word genever, which means Juniper. Juniper is one of the core ingredients of the gin that gives it a wild, crispy taste and fragrance.

Later in the early 17th century, it became a commercial product for the spirit industries in early 17th century. At that time plenty of small dutch and Flemish distillers had popularised the re-distillation of malted barley spirit with Juniper, coriander, anise, etc. And supplied it to various pharmacies. It was used for all sorts of treatment. Be it stomach ailments, gout, kidney ailments, etc.

The British government allowing unlicensed gin production in the early 18th century led to overconsumption of this beverage due to the heavy excise tax that needs to be paid in order to purchase brandy becoming somewhat gasoline into the fire, and more and more people started to take in this beverage. The surge of gin, in that period, is known as the Gin Craze, due to heavy consumption, several social problems arose. Because of the Rising death rates in London, the government allowed only licensed distilleries to produce Gin. However, it didn't stop the people, who were producing it within their households for the purpose of personal use. According to statistics, there were around 1,500 residents who followed this suit. Well, that defines the term Gin Craze, it was without a doubt an ultimate piece of craft. However, nothing is safe if it is consumed in a huge ratio.

Along with the constantly changing tides of time, the Gin evolved too. With the permission of only the licensed distilleries to produce the stuff, these distilleries came up with another extraordinary innovative invention, that is the Column-still. It made the whole distillation process much more simple and practical, and a new style of Gin emerged from it, which is the popular London Dry Gin. Nowadays, it is regarded as one of the top-quality gins all around the world.

But what makes it stand out from the other gin? Well, the secret lies with the fundamental ingredients. The base alcohol needs to be of top quality, crafted with only natural ingredients. And in the process of dilution, the only ingredient it requires is water after the second distillation process.

However, before the early 21st-century gin was only known within European countries. And to only a few people living outside the European territory. However, after the launch of Hendricks Gin, it gained worldwide popularity, changing from an old man's drink to a new luxurious trend. People started to consume it along with tonics and cocktails. It became part of the evolving pop culture, which stimulated thousands of people's curiosity to try this stuff out. And eventually, hundreds of gin distilleries opened all over the world. Embedded with versatile flavor it became somewhat of a trendsetter. But, with all these resurfacing of gin production industries, there started another competition, that is to be the best gin der welt or the best gin in the world. 

Starting off as an in-house gin experiment far off the island of Zanzibar, a pair of couples, Yuka and Hake came up with the world's best gin, the Hamburg Zanzibar gin that was produced with turmeric as the fragrance agent in their peculiar gin. However, due to these very authentic ingredients, The whole Zanzibar gin got started and became one of the best gins in the world. Thwarting all the competitions and securing 1st position in the best gin index by world gin award in 2020-21-22, where this couple joined out of curiosity. Well, that's without a doubt, perfection met pure coincidence. They have a wide array of quality gin available in the domain. You can shop gin online from any part of the world and it will get to you fresh, packed with love from the in-house distillery of Hamburg Zanzibar.

Hamburg Zanzibar

Hamburg Zanzibar

Stadtrand & Co. GmbH

Hamburg-Zanzibar distills a very special spirit: Tumeric Gin, distilled with the best turmeric for an absolutely extraordinary drinking experience. Travel from Hamburg to Zanzibar in just one sip.


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