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A pharmacist opens a laboratory to investigate the relationship between cancer and marijuana


It is not a laboratory in which they modify the genetic code of marijuana, it is a laboratory dedicated to the study of the human genome and genetics in cancer and its relationship with marijuana. Get a medical marijuana card from a verified doctor.

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals has been involved in pharmaceutical research and development projects through its subsidiary Grin Ultra Ltd 2014, since that year the Ministry of Health has granted it several licenses to do research based on marijuana. Specifically, their efforts have been directed at developing a cannabinoid-based drug for cancer patients.

Currently, Cannabics Pharmaceuticals is conducting a study that administered marijuana in pill form to cancer patients to treat lack of appetite that produces the treatment and announced that already have begun two other studies to help alleviate many of the symptoms of cancer treatment since the objective of Cannabics Pharmaceuticals is primarily focused on improving the quality of life of cancer patients.

At the head of this research group is Dr. Moran Grinberg, who has a doctorate in virology and multiple sclerosis in clinical pharmacology and who has already led other research and development projects with very good results, which is why she has been put in charge of the research group.

In an interview, the president of Cannabics Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Eyal Ballan commented that his mission was to " commercialize a wide range of diagnostic tools that incorporate new technologies to obtain better results with cannabinoid-based treatments", "to understand the genetics of the relationship between cancer and cannabinoids and the ability to feel compared to other drugs ”.

With the incorporation of Dr. Moran Grinberg to Cannabics Pharmaceuticals,  they have already managed to improve the formulation of their natural pills based on cannabinoids and diagnose patterns in cancer patients with the latest available technologies such as bioinformatics tools and other cutting-edge medical technologies.

It must be said that the Israeli government's support for Cannabics Pharmaceuticals since joining Grin Ultra has been excellent, resulting in 3 major study projects on marijuana, making Israel the leading state in medical marijuana research.

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