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A Packaging Guide on the Packaging Materials for Fragile Items

A Packaging Guide on the Packaging Materials for Fragile Items

Cushion packaging materials are utilized to guard against mechanical damages as well as climatic impacts. In some cases, when it comes to liquid materials it is also necessary to utilize these boxes. In general, for liquids, the use of bottle boxes and other sizes is very normal.

However, foamed polymeric material with shock-absorbing properties is utilized in the manufacture of cradles for protection. They can be extruded or regular polystyrene foam, polyurethane, or polypropylene foam. They can also be cross-linked or not-cross-linked polyethylene foam or ethylene vinyl acetate or EVA. These materials help keep fragile products in their original form and appearance since foam is able to take a load of pressure from outside to the max. So the item inside the box is safe and safe.

Damping properties are the basis for the capacity of an item to absorb the force of the shock, shaking, vibration, or any other load to protect items from mechanical damages during transport or storage. There are a variety of general requirements that are required for any cushioning product. We'll be discussing a few of them in this article:

  • Lightweight
  • Mechanical strength
  • There are no or minimal indicators of permanent deformation resulting from mechanical stress
  • The absence of the hygroscopicity
  • Insufficient the abrasive properties
  • Chemical inertness

The reason is that depreciation materials are typically employed in the manufacture of disposable packaging for transportation. Sometimes, the utilization of a particular type of polymer isn't economically or functionally justifiable. For instance, ethylene-vinyl acetate is light, strongly flexible, tough, and resistant to impact, with excellent aesthetics and shock-absorbing properties. However, its price and its use in transport packaging render these materials uneconomically feasible. Foamed polymers are durable and have mechanical and physical characteristics that restrict or limit their usage in the manufacture of cradles that can be used to secure fragile products.

It is important to point out that budget-friendly packaging solutions are only effective in the case of general products. Even in this specific scenario, it is essential to be distinctive and trendy in appearance. This helps you connect with your customers better and provides a tough challenge to your rivals. For fragile products, the value of high-quality packaging materials rises substantially.

In this case, it is not enough to demonstrate your professionalism and creativity, but also to make sure that the product remains secure and safe inside the box. In certain situations, you can't sacrifice quality and instead spend an extra few dollars to offer your products additional security.

Now, let's look at some of the best packaging materials!

Expanded Polystyrene (Styrofoam)

Ordinary foam or extruded foam is extremely light and chemically impervious to inorganic and organic acids, salt solutions alcohols, ammonia and alkalis, and freons. It absorbs the energy from vibrations and shocks because of its fine-mesh structure and neutralizes the impact of climate and is able to support weights of up to 500 kg. Simple packaging elements are constructed of expanded polystyrene, such as corners and profiles, inserts, filters, gaskets, or lodgments to make combined packaging containers or boxes with or without lids. This material is not at all as expensive, as we'd like to think. Additionally, you are able to get extra protection from this product at a very affordable cost.

Foam made of polyurethane (foam rubber)

Foam rubber isn't suited to pack bulky or heavy objects due to its elasticity however, it is ideal for packing delicate things. It is a lightweight, temperature-resistant foamed polymer with high shock-absorbing properties due to its fine-mesh structure. The cradles used to secure the fixings to protect packaging combined are made from polyurethane foam. We suggest this material for all products that may change shape because of pressure from outside. The reason for this is that the customer is expecting quality. In order to keep your customers interested in your business, foam rubber might be the most effective option.

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Polyethylene foam (cross-linked / non-cross-linked)

Polyethylene foam that is crosslinked or uncrosslinked is different in terms of physical as well as mechanical characteristics, as well as structure and cost. Both types of polymers are the basis of cradles that are used to protect fragile objects. If you're looking for an affordable polymer, you'll need un-cross-linked polyethylene foam, which is the most popular choice because of its cost and its performance. This polymer that has been molded with foam is lightweight and soft, it is durable with a stretch and tear resistance and has a high degree of cushioning, by absorbing energy from impact by forming an impermeable structure. Simple packaging components are constructed of NPE, such as corners, U-shaped and L-shaped profiles, gaskets, inserts as well as lodgments for packaging that combine and disposable transport lodgments. All of these options give you the chance to meet the two main goals associated with packaging: security and aesthetics. Cost-effective and easy manufacturing is a benefit when you use these materials for making packaging boxes for CBD products.

The Final Words

There are many choices in packaging materials. But fragile products require an extra thing. So, we suggest the use of foamed polymer in these products. But, the selection of a particular foamed plastic will depend on its structure of it, the applicable processing techniques, operating conditions, production timeframes, and the budget. Therefore, if you are planning to use this type of material it is important to work with experts in order to produce what you'd like from the packaging.

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