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9 Tips To Boost Event Attendance With Social Media Marketing

9 Tips To Boost Event Attendance With Social Media Marketing

If on social media you want to promote an event then you have to put much effort. It is because you will always want most of the people to join the event and for that purpose, perfect planning is needed. In this post, I will tell you 9 tips to boost event attendance with the use of social media marketing.

1. Promote your event by using Facebook ads – For reaching a huge audience this method can be very helpful. Here you need to spend only a small amount of money. In order to increase your conversion rate, a particular demographic will be targeted by Facebook ads. Along with this adding an image that looks professional can play a unique role. The purpose of doing this is to leave an excellent first impression on the new potential customers.

2. Create a video showing previous events’ highlights and post it on social media – This strategy can be advantageous to you because nowadays getting enough videos is not possible for the people. By showing the previous events’ videos you can inform your customers about the kinds of occasions that you host. If they like the video then they will definitely take interest in attending your latest upcoming event. The page of your Facebook account and your YouTube channel are the two important areas where you can post your video so that a lot of people can see it via sharing. You have to post only those videos that can attract people and are click-worthy.

3. Take the pictures of event preparations and post them on Instagram – In order to generate excitement in the people towards your occasion, you can go to your Instagram account and post-behind-the-scenes pictures on it. By using this technique, you can grab the attention of a large number of people.

4. Use a hashtag related to your event – If you want a huge audience to use social media to search about your occasion then you can do that by using a hashtag related to your event. On Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook you can create hashtags for your advantage. After seeing these hashtags, the people will most likely start following you.

5. Give unique details about your event with the use of an infographic – It is very easy to digest an infographic. The people who want to get brief information based on the facts should see infographics. If a visitor takes interest in your infographic, then he will read it till it finishes. Because of this, the visitor may start trusting you and start following you on various social channels. So, it will be a wise decision to give details about your occasion online in the form of an infographic.

6. Give a discount on registering for the occasion – If you will give a discount on registering for your occasion then your loyal followers will definitely like it. Along with this, your customers may start thinking that you are giving them discounts because they are special. On Twitter and Facebook, you can put the information related to discounts in the form of a digital voucher and ask your followers to share that information as much as possible.

7. Use Snapchat or Facebook and host a session of live video on one of these platforms – Nowadays a lot of popularity has been gained by those videos that go live and where the participants can interact directly with bloggers, business coaches, and trainers. There is a lot more possibility of getting questions and comments on Facebook’s live session. It is the responsibility of the host of the session to give the right answer to each and every question of the users.

8. Make followers on Tumblr and share the information related to your occasion with them – For the promotion of your occasion, it can be very helpful to you if you have a large number of followers on social channels. Thankfully there are collaborative and active users on a social networking site known as Tumblr. For creating a buzz about your occasion on this site you can use simple text and an attractive image. Along with this if you want to increase the number of your potential guests then you can ask your followers on Tumblr to create a blog about your occasion one more time. When the audience of these followers will see the blog then they may like to attend your occasion.

9. From the presentations of your occasion select some teaser slides and share them – Teaser slides are a great way of grabbing the attention of the potential participants towards your occasion. You can share some interesting slides on popular platforms like Twitter and Facebook. When the potential participants will see these slides then they will most likely attend your occasion. In this way, you will be able to have a large number of participants at your occasion.

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