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how to fix the error 79 Service Error on HP Printer

how to fix the error 79 Service Error on HP Printer

Users occasionally report seeing the notice "HP 79 Service Error Turn off then Turn on." Users of HP printers may get this service error due to factors including a tiny flaw in their printer or outdated printer software. Such a mistake is most likely to occur on HP LaserJet Pro 200, 400, 500, etc. types. We will lead you through various techniques based on the patches to remedy this service problem on HP. Additionally, you can investigate the fixes if you are experiencing the 79-service problem on your HP LaserJet Pro 400 Printer.

Two issues will be covered in this article on the HP LaserJet 79 service fault. You can look over these subjects right now.

What does the HP printer service error 79 mean?

The HP 79 service error could occasionally appear on your printer. A print job that has become corrupted may have occurred, according to this service problem. The firmware of your HP printer may have become out-of-date if you see this error. As a result, your HP printer's spooler might be unable to connect to your device.

What Leads to the HP Printer Error 79 Service?

The causes of the service error 79 on HP printers with models 200, 400, CP5225, etc. are discussed in detail in this section. Knowing the precise cause will make fixing the problem simpler.

• Your device's network signals could be blocked.

• The motherboard and DIMMs in your printer could be defective.

• You can identify this issue because of a bad wire connection.

• Your device's firmware might not be up to date.

• The page you're printing might have come from an unapproved website or link. As a result, the issue can be growing.

• Your device may be producing 79 service errors if you repeatedly turn it on and off.

• The error code will bother you if the file you are printing is quite large.

How can I use these strategies to resolve HP Service Error 79?

1. Turn on then off after error 79

2. Install DIMM again

3. Update drivers

4. Speak to HP Support


1. Turn on then off after error 79

1. Disconnect the printer's power.

2. Be patient for at least 30 seconds.

3. Re-turn the power on.

4. Permit the printer to start up.

It's likely that your HP printer has experienced an internal firmware error if it displays this kind of error code 79.

Note: Before turning on the power again, unplug your power surge protector first, then plug your printer back directly into the wall socket.

Disconnect any network or USB cords and restart your printer if the Error 79 notice still appears on the display.

If the printer returns to the Ready state, look up the firmware version and then update it if a newer one is available.

Print a Configuration Report from the printer's control panel to find out what firmware version your printer is using. You can also check the HP Support page to see what firmware version is currently in use.

Try to narrow down the possible causes of the error 79 problem on your printer in case it reappears in your environment.

Perform a test print job after erasing all previous print jobs from your computer and any other computers connected to the printer.


2. Install the DIMM again

2.1 Take out the DIMM and reinstall it.

1. Switch the printer off.

2. Then take out the DIMM.

3. Reinstall the DIMM to make sure it is securely seated in the printer.

4. Switch on your HP printer.

2.2 Take out or swap out the DIMM

1. Get rid of any installed DIMMS

2. Run your HP printer through another test.

3. If your printer's print quality is satisfactory, install a DIMM that it supports.


3. Upgrade the drivers.

1. Type Control into the Windows Search box to launch the Control Panel.

2. Select Uninstall a program and uninstall all software associated with HP printers.

3. Click Start in the context menu to launch Device Manager.

4. Uninstall the HP device from the Print queues section.

5. Restart your computer and wait for the driver to install itself.

6. Reinstall the HP-related software, and hopefully, that will be sufficient to resolve the issue.

Removing the printer device entirely from your PC and installing it again is an additional option. It shouldn't be difficult to uninstall the drivers and HP-related software required for this method.


4. Speak to HP Support

Please contact HP's Customer Support team with specifics about your problem if the error 79 message continues; they will be happy to help.


To conclude

If you want to keep using your HP printer, the 79 Service Error on HP needs to be patched. We helped you today to solve it without utilizing any difficult techniques. Here, we've shown you the solutions that will make it easy for you to fix this error. Additionally, the HP LaserJet Pro 400 printer may experience the 79-service error under certain conditions. We showed you how to fix this error on this particular model of HP printer.

This blog on HP printhead errors should be helpful if you are having issues with the printhead on your device. Tell us how we can assist you in the future. Access to our comment section is always available.

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