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7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Tyre Fitting

7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Tyre Fitting

If only it were always that easy. Unfortunately, there are often some problems with tyre sizes or manufacturers which means that you're unable to simply go out and buy a set of wheels and tyres from any local dealer. The best place to get advice is your local car and bicycle store engineers to help you find the correct sizes for your specific vehicle. Here we've put together seven frequently asked questions about fitting new tyres:

1 - Do I Need My Old Tyres? 

Even though it's an industry standard to throw away tyres when purchasing new ones, it's illegal to simply purchase a set of wheels without your old Car Tyres Shrewsbury. If you want to dispose of the old tyres yourself, you can go ahead and do so but store them safely in a clean, dry place for a maximum period of three years. If no date is printed on the sidewall, keep the tyre "forever" as evidence if any claims arise from faulty goods. The best way to get rid of them is by handing them to local authorities or collecting points that some tyre manufacturers provide.

2 - Why Aren't There Any Space Savers Allowed? 

Space savers came about because modern alloy rims were much thinner than older steel rims. As a result, they were more likely to be damaged if they contacted curbs or potholes. For that reason, cars used to come equipped with spare tyres that were smaller than full-size spares and had limited grip to not cause any issues when fitted. The government has now banned using these space savers on public roads because modern alloy rims are now more robust and don't require this additional layer of protection.

3 - What does "tubeless" mean?

Although most modern tyres can be run without inner tubes (which makes them tubeless), the term is usually used for tyres designed for motorcycles and motorbikes rather than cars or bicycles. These high-performance tyres have been manufactured from a single moulding which makes the chances of a puncture much lower.

4 - Can I Use Winter Tyres All Year Round?

In theory, it's possible to use winter tyres all year round as long as you don't drive above 100km/h and check that your specific brakes allow this type of tyre. There are three different types of winter tyres: studded/studdable, patterned, and siped. Studded tyres give more outstanding grip in icy conditions, whereas patterned ones follow grooves cut into roads. The last group, siped tyres, come with hundreds of small cuts across the surface, allowing water to be dispersed beneath the tyre and giving better traction on snow-covered surfaces.

5 - Can I Use Summer Tyres in Winter?

It's possible to fit summer tyres into your car in the winter, but only if you can maintain them correctly. Most modern summer tyres are not designed for icy or snowy conditions, so they must remain at a reasonable temperature when fitted. To do this, warm up your tyres before driving and take great care when turning corners on wet roads because the rubber won't offer as much grip. If you notice any issues with vibrations or slipping, remove them immediately.

6 - What Happens if My New Tyre Pressures Don't Match?

Modern cars have digital dashboard displays which indicate which settings should be used for each wheel, but sometimes these can get reset if one part is replaced. Ensure that your All Season Tyres Shrewsbury pressures are checked at least once every three months because even a small amount of difference can cause uneven wear on all tyres.

7 - Can I Use Motorcycle Tyres on My Car?

Although most manufacturers recommend using original equipment parts, it's possible to fit certain types of motorcycle tyres to your vehicle as long as they will not damage the brakes or bearings or affect the steering. Depending on the size of your chosen tyre, you may need to adjust these components, but an experienced mechanic should do this before fitting any new rubber.

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