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6 Tips to Fix Acer Laptop Black Screen Issue

6 Tips to Fix Acer Laptop Black Screen Issue

One of the best-performing laptops available today is an Acer, but like any other machine, it has flaws. You've experienced a startup problem where your laptop won't power on and goes dark. In this case, there's no need to be alarmed because the problem is typical. You will discover various thorough solutions to this problem with your Acer laptop in this article.

Fix the Acer laptop's black screen issues

Startup issues in Acer laptops can be resolved by these steps:

1.       Reset your Acer laptop

2.       Use an external monitor

3.       Update the graphic drivers

4.       Perform a virus scan and check for viruses

5.       Update BIOS

6.       Check the battery of your Acer laptop and the AC adapter


1: Reset your Acer laptop

Simply reset your laptop by adhering to these easy procedures if it has a minor issue:


Step 1: Power off your laptop.

Step 2: Remove the hard drive, battery, and other components.

Step 3: Press and hold the power button for at least 30 seconds.

Step 4: Put the laptop’s battery back and plug in the charger.


2: Use an external Monitor

Check to see if the problem is with the laptop or the screen if you see a black screen on your laptop. Connect your laptop to an external monitor, and if the monitor functions normally, there is an internal problem. To quickly connect the Acer laptop to a monitor, use a connecting cable (HDMI) to verify the laptop's display problem:



Step 1: Connect the laptop and an external monitor via an HDMI cable.


Step 2: Check if the display is on the monitor or not. If not then

Press F4 until the display awakes.


Step 3: If the display is there on the monitor then your laptop must need a graphic driver update.



 3: Update graphic card driver



A blank screen could also be caused by outdated or unreliable graphic drivers. If the graphic drivers need to be updated, you can check whether they are already installed. Install the drivers on your Acer laptop after downloading them.


4: Check viruses and malware


The display may go dark if a virus or other malware is attacking your laptop. Run a virus scan on your laptop, which could take some time, to see if any viruses are present. If so, remove the viruses, restart your laptop, and your laptop should be clean.



5: Update BIOS



The machine's entire booting process is controlled by the BIOS, which stands for the basic input and output system. To upgrade the BIOS on the Acer laptop, follow the instructions listed below.


Step 1: Press the Window key and R at the same time to open the Run prompt and type “msinfo32” to open the system information window.

Step 2: Now check the current version of BIOS in the system window.

Step 3: Open the Acer company website and download the BIOS latest version on your laptop.

Step 4: Transfer the downloaded file to a USB

Step 5: Restart the system and open the BIOS settings by simply pressing the F2 or F12 key from your keyboard.

Step 6: Move the storage device to the top of the priority list in the boot priority settings.

Step 7: Press F10 to save and exit.

The laptop will boot the USB and update the BIOS.


6: Check the power adapter and battery

Your laptop may not be charging, in which case you should check the battery or the AC adapter to see if it is functioning or not. You may be thinking that there is a display issue. Simply connect the adapter to another laptop to test its functionality, then take the battery out.

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