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6 Things Players Want To See In Diablo 4

6 Things Players Want To See In Diablo 4

In order to not disappoint fans when they are playing Diablo 4, Blizzard must give them what they really want. But with the release coming up, many of them have not heard too many updates about the game lately. That’s why we’ve collected all the things players would like to see potentially make a return in Diablo 4.

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is an open-play mode where players are not required to follow the story of Diablo 3 and dive right into the action and tackle different quests set in the different locales available to the game’s main campaign. This Mode is more than appealing for those that simply just want to play Diablo 4 and not be barred by story progression. Players can directly defeat major story bosses, kill a set amount of enemies in a specific dungeon, open curses chests, and more. This will save lots of time to earn experience, Diablo 4 gold, and special chests.

Return of the Crusader or Paladin

While offering a decent roster of playable classes with the Rogue, Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, and Sorcerer available to choose from, Diablo 4 is sorely missing the Crusader or Paladin. Unlike the Barbarian or Druid, the Crusader and Paladin fill a unique niche as a warrior-type class that utilizes a range of holy magic, capable of tanking absurd amounts of damage while also providing valuable buffs to party members. Overall, it was a nice hybrid that never felt weak.

Greater Rifts

Diablo 3 Greater Rifts are a special timed type of Nephalem Rift. Rifts are designed to provide an end gameplay mode with progressively increasing difficulty, plus rewards to match. These seemingly endless procedural dungeons may not have the same attention to detail as the ones in Diablo 4, but they were a great source of end-game content.


Runes are magical symbols carved on the rock. They made their first appearance in the Diablo expansion Hellfire as usable items. They were reintroduced in Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction as a new type of pocketable item along with jewels. While this could create passive skill bloat, given Diablo 4’s Aspects effectively serve this function, seeing runes and rune words come back would be interesting — mostly because it would give players an even greater way to customize their builds to create something wholly unique.

Free Respecting

While not the most well-regarded of the Diablo games, Diablo 3 allowed players to change their builds at a whim and for no cost. Diablo 4 will require players to spend gold in order to change their skills and accompanying passives. This didn’t cost an obscene amount during the open beta period, but it can quickly add up. Especially since removing and applying Aspects to weapons and armor can also get pretty expensive. Forcing players to spend gold to respec feels like a way to keep the grind going, but it could be counterintuitive to finding new builds.

Pets and Companions

Pets in Diablo 3 were unobtrusive if not immersion-breaking, companions that would run out and collect gold Diablo 4 for you. This meant you wouldn’t need to run your character over or around gold to pick it up. It’s more or less a modern convenience that isn’t required for the overall game experience but is something of a smaller quality-of-life feature that was surprisingly missing in the Diablo 4 beta.

These are just a few things we’d like to see make a return in Diablo 4 after our extensive time in the open beta period. Let us know in the comments what you’d like to see come back in Diablo 4.

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