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6 Facts Everyone Should Know About Virtual Assistant

6 Facts Everyone Should Know About Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is somebody who supports you in your business or personal life with administrative tasks. You may not have the time to dedicate yourself to these tasks, or you might just be looking for a helping hand. You can find virtual assistants by searching online, and most of them will work remotely from their own homes.

These days, there are many kinds of jobs in the Virtual Assistant niche. Here I've listed 8 facts that will help you find the best virtual assistant for your needs.

Here are some facts about virtual assistants that you need to know:

1: Virtual Assistants Are Accessible for Any Type of Business

Virtual assistants work for all sorts of businesses, and even for people who don't have a business at all. A lot of vets also hire VAs because they spend most of their time out in the field anyway and need help running their business from home. That way they can focus on doing what they really love instead of worrying about tedious paperwork or accounting tasks.

The most common type of business that hires a Virtual Assistant is an Online Business. These are businesses run by somebody who makes money through websites, e-books, or even affiliate marketing.

2: Virtual Assistants Can Help with A Wide Variety of Tasks

The jobs that virtual assistants handle can range from keeping track of your finances to organizing your calendar and handling your social media accounts. Even experts don't have time to manage their own finances, and pet sitters have to keep track of their clients' schedules. For these types of tasks, virtual assistants are much more flexible than experts.

Another type of task that virtual assistants use is getting more business (and more potential clients) online. If your local market is too small for you to advertise on a major search engine (like Google AdWords), you can hire a VA to do that work for you. Or if your current customers prefer a different type of advertising, you can hire a VA who deals with social media marketing.

3: Virtual Assistants Don't Get Paid What They Deserve

Virtual assistants make a nice salary, but it's not nearly as much as you'd think for the types of work they do. This is because some companies get their VAs by stealing them away from other clients. Most of these companies hire a VA without paying their current employer so the VA ends up working twice as hard and making half the money they did before. The problem with this is that when an employee gets cheated like this, they have no motivation to put in the extra effort. So, they just do the bare minimum and go through the motions until they find another job.

4: Virtual Assistants Aren't Always Honest

Just because a job is done on a computer doesn't mean it's trustworthy. Some virtual assistants will make up stories or fibs to make it seem like you hired them when you didn't. This can happen because the virtual assistant is lazy or because they want your business.

5: Virtual Assistants Aren't All the Same

So how do you find the best VA for your business? Well, you could turn to Craigslist or hire somebody off Facebook (these are two places where people sometimes post ads for jobs they aren't qualified to do). Or you could go online and search through hundreds of resumes on job boards. But this is going to take quite a while.

6: Virtual Assistants Make More If You Hire Them to Do the Job You Should Have Done

Again, this is because some companies hire virtual assistants without paying their current employers. They do this so that they can save money by hiring a less expensive worker rather than paying a full-time employee or hiring a qualified worker with relevant skills.

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