Get the right equipment and have the best beach camping experience.

If you want to have fun and enjoy your beach camping vacation, there are a few beach principles you need to be aware of. With the right tools and accessories, camping on the beach can be as relaxing as staying at home. But preparing the perfect beach camp isn't easy. The dream vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare if you forget to pack important camping gear. To help you out, we've put together a list of 6 beach camps you need to be able to camp on the beach with ease.

YOUR SERVICE SHAPE Stay as dreamy as possible, take the important things with you.


One of the first things every hiker should pack is a well-defined tent. Tents are essential for all overnight stays (except campers). This will protect you from the elements and ensure you have a restful sleep. When buying a tent, focus on space rather than comfort. Because crowded tents don't make camping easy for anyone. If you are planning to camp with the family, it is best to have a tent that can accommodate 6 people at a time. And don't forget to bring tents, poles, ropes and basses for proper placement.


Sleeping in the sand seems to be great right from the start. The truth is, you won't get a good night's sleep on the beach unless you bring a good night's sleep to your beach camp. Even at night, the temperature on the beach drops dramatically. And you need something to keep your body warm and insulated during the night. Therefore, pillows/sleeping bags should always accompany the camping beds. It is best to purchase a waterproof sleeping bag that fits your length. Pillows and blankets are an added element.


One of the most important things about beach camping is a beach chair. Once you reach your favourite beach, sitting in a comfortable deck chair for camping and enjoying the beautiful sea views can be very relaxing. Thanks to this relaxing experience, beach camping is a great beach camping for those who just want to relax, cool off and enjoy the great outdoors. We highly recommend purchasing a Coleman Oversized Quad with Cooler if you are looking for a high-quality beach chair that provides great lumbar support. This chair also has a built-in cooler bag that keeps all your cold drinks accessible.


Not all campsites have access to drinking water. Never drink raw water as there is a risk of harmful bacteria and viruses. So bring a water filter that can remove any harmful contaminants from the water. We recommend purchasing a 4-litre Platypus Gravity Works water filter. It can filter large amounts of water at the same time. Take the Aquamira water droplets with you even if the water filter breaks.

5) DEFECTIVE insects

You need to protect yourself from insect bites to make sure the beach camp is safe. So don't forget to bring bug spray with you, especially in summer. Even if the tents are on the beach for one night only, the insecticide will help avoid nuisance from mosquitoes and other pesky insects. However, be sure to apply insect repellent only to exposed parts of the body and wash it afterwards. When buying insect repellents, always choose a product with a high concentration of DEET (diethyltoluamide).


Lighthouses and lanterns are amenities that should be on every camping list. If you don't have a light source, it can be very difficult to find goods and move to the beach after dark. Campers may need to use the bathroom at night or just take a walk on the beach. And these things aren't easy to do unless you have a headlamp or flash of light on the dark road. We recommend Goal Zero Crush Light as it can light up your campsite for up to 35 hours. It also works with solar panels.


Overall, these are the 6 beach camps you need for a safe and comfortable trip. But remember that every beach and journey is unique. That way, you can always add some of the accessories you choose to your beach camping accessories list. Don't forget to know all the equipment before going to the beach camp.




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