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5 Strategies for a Successful Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia in 2022

5 Strategies for a Successful Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia in 2022

For your marketing objectives to succeed in 2022, your partnership with a digital marketing agency should consider several factors to increase the chances of success. 

Here’s what you should look for in a digital marketing agency in Malaysia:

Utilize First-party Data as a Valuable Asset:

Customer needs are constantly evolving. Marketers and advertisers keep looking for new ways to understand their customers. However, there are several security concerns related to cookies and how enterprises resort to data collection.

Brands try too hard to find second-party data sources that they forget to use the first-party data, the most invaluable asset for an organization. Customer data you collect through sources like purchase surveys and customer feedback provides data that you have complete rights over. This data also provides a real-world understanding of who your real customer is.

You can use the first-party customer data to derive insights, customize messaging and content for them and predict upcoming trends.

Use Machine Learning for Paid Media:

Collecting data is still the second-toughest task. The most challenging task is making sense of this data once you get it. Going through all this data manually could take valuable time and effort, so have AI-enabled tools do it for you instead. More specifically, let Machine Learning take care of it for you.

Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that helps a system learn without human intervention. It helps determine what a user is more likely to choose out of various messaging options. Targeted social media ads, bidding strategies, chatbots, and Search Engine Marketing are just a few of the applications of Machine Learning in digital marketing.

Focus on Customization:

We have long shifted from product-based to experience-based shopping. Research has shown that customers prefer brands that provide a personalized and curated shopping experience. About 66% of customers say they expect businesses to understand their needs and expectations. About 68% of customers expect companies to showcase empathy.


What goes into creating a custom or personalized brand experience with such expectations from your business? Here are a few examples:

  • Using dynamic remarketing and retargeting ads for customers who are yet to make a decision
  • Using customized messaging and images for customers coming back to your website
  • Segmenting email lists based on previous purchases, purchase timing, browsing history, and other categories of data
  • Personalizing messaging based on specific stages of the customer journey
  • Personalize email messaging and content using descriptions and images of items your potential customers have been searching for or intend to purchase


These tricks and tactics for customer experience personalization help you drive more sales, win over customers and increase brand loyalty.


Prioritize Customer Privacy:

About 80% of customers in the US have said they worry about the personal data shared with IT giants and how this data gets used. As a response, Big Tech is banning third-party cookies on websites. Online data security and privacy can quickly become obstacles to brand and customer relationships. However, it’s for ensuring an improved customer experience. Brands today need to know how to adapt and find ways to predict customer buying behavior without using any personally identifiable data.

Leveraging first-party data is the best shot businesses have at using customer information without violating any personal data boundaries. Digital marketing agencies also suggest providing greater benefits to customers as a reward for sharing their personal data. This way, customers are informed about the data they are sharing and can choose whether they want to share it or not.

Use Trending Formats and Communication Styles:

Social media trends keep evolving. We started with text-based platforms like Facebook and Twitter. IT grew to images (Instagram) and then videos (YouTube). Today we are seeing a mix of videos in varying formats - long form and short form - across social media platforms. With social media formats like TikTok and Instagram Reels, users have the power and resources to create content themselves rather than depending on large production houses for watchable entertaining content.

As the world switches to short-form video content, it’s a wise business decision to use this format to reach more customers. It always works better when you go where your audience is instead of bringing your audience to a new platform. Make sure your business communication is always adapted to the latest trends across social media.


When you are looking for a partner to help with digital marketing and lead generation in Malaysia, make sure you choose someone that understands your business. There’s no one-size-fits-all for digital marketing strategies, so find a partner that knows what works for you, your domain, and your unique business objectives.


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