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5 Secrets to Building Trust and Credibility With Your Customers


If you want to get success in your business then it is necessary for you to build trust and credibility with your customers. Anybody will be ready to work with your company if he trusts you. A 95 % rise in profits can occur if your customer retention enhances by 5 %. Many customers who trust your business will ask their family and friends to buy from you and these customers are 83 % of all. But in a single night, you cannot win the customers’ trust. Here I am going to share 5 secrets to building trust and credibility with your customers.
1. Provide customer service that is excellent – On your customer retention and customer loyalty, there will be a great impact of providing customer service that is excellent. So, we can say that if your service’s quality and speed are perfect as well as your staff is dedicated then the customers will definitely take interest in your business. It is necessary for you to respond consistently to the issues and questions of your customers. Try to give a personal touch to the services that your offer. You need to show your customers that you care about them a lot and you can do this by giving priority to their interests. Always provide a kind of service to the buyers that are exceptional. For ensuring that the buyers have got the required products and services from your business you need to spend enough time. Once you are ensured about it the possibility of the buyer trusting your business increases. 
2. Have an interest in publishing testimonials and reviews of the customers – BigCommerce says that:
·       In any brand, the trust of the consumer increases after seeing testimonials and positive reviews about it, and these types of consumers are 72 %.
·       In online reviews a lot of consumers take interest and these types of consumers are 88 %.
For any company, there is a lot of important reputation. If the positive reviews about one company are 100 and the positive reviews about another company are 0 then you will most likely take interest in the previous one. When a customer who is satisfied with the services or products of your business talks to others about the benefits of your trade then the reputation of your business will improve. A word of mouth will always have an impact on the consumers. For your online business, it will be much better if on the product pages of your site you will add the reviews left by the buyers. So, if you want reviews to be left by the customers then you need to encourage them to do this.
Let us assume that you own a company that provides services of various kinds. Here you need to encourage your customers for sharing their experiences. In creating a page of testimonials on your site the buyers' experiences or responses will be very helpful to you.  
3. For any kind of customer you need to remain transparent – The customer may not take interest in buying from your business one more time if he finds any issue in the service or product offered by you. So, it is necessary for you to make your customers loyal to you, only then the customer retention will increase. By being transparent to buyers you can make them loyal to you. You need to give a hint to buyers about the types of products and services that you offer so that the customer can make up his mind whether to buy from you or not.
4. Request your customers to give you feedback – How will you decide that the services and products offered by your business need some improvement or change? The feedback from customers will help you decide this. On the basis of the feedback, you will also get to know whether the customer is satisfied with your services and products or not. Your business’s success in the future depends a lot on the customer’s feedback. When you will ask your customer to give his feedback then he will think that you care about him. Along with this, you should ask the customer to give suggestions so that you can make necessary improvements in your strategy of running the business.
5. Provide instant service to customers – If you are using social media, live chat, or phone to build relationships with customers in the long term or to improve the customer experience then it is very important for you that on these channels you remain available all the time, only then the customer engagement will increase. You need to quickly answer their all queries.
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