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5 Bucket list trip in India

5 Bucket list trip in India

Everyone has their bucket list geared up and India being an incredible place hosts multitude spots to explore and fulfill it. Hiking, Trekking, Camping, Skiing, ropeways, cable car rides, birdwatching, sightseeing, shopping, performing various sports and water activities, a night under a starry lovely sky, the list doesn’t cease here  From historical to spiritual and hikes to sights it’s gonna be a lucid bonanza that India will perfectly serve for your Bucket list.

Leh Ladakh

It’s truly a mesmerising experience to float through the trails of Leh Ladakh.The “Land of High Passes” clutches an abundance of sights and memories for the lifetime. It will be such a daunting, thrilling and memorable experience forever. The Freedom of flying through the road and creating moments is such an unparalleled feeling.The vertical lands bunked with snow mirrored the divine skies, loud tributaries stream from side to side to these alps creating an extremely attractive mixture of vision and echoes.

Goa – The Sunburn Festival

The Bash feast hosted by Percept, an entertainment firm which organises this amalgamation of Music, Food, Entertainment and Shopping on the Candolim Beach of Goa is  definitely a heaven not to miss out at all. Forget everything and just shake your legs till they are about to crack. It has an immense zeal among the young souls all over the world. There’s a witty line of artists that perform each year on the stage of Sunburn that rock the dance floor and drive the crowd truly crazy.It’s not only an enjoyment or an entertainment event for enthusiasts , it’s a mix and match of all types of races, personalities and beings who come together to make the best of both worlds and show the world that neither science nor fiction can break or stop anyone from dancing. The zesty spirit of the crowd makes it more magnificent and majestic to roar around the corner and get pierced in the hearts for lifetime. You are controlled to visit here once and then it’s gonna be your annual schedule not to miss it at all. You're gonna surely mention your experience here at Goa’s Sunburn as the time of life.

Gulmarg –Ski Your Heart Out

Excellent panoramic romantically gorgeous view 

amidst snow covered peaks and meadows shielded as sheets of beautiful white marble. Snow crowned hoods favours a stunning dark green tall conifers peek. Ever wish to experience the thrill of speeding downhill unbothered by everything and just wanna flow and float it’s right here skiing on the powder laden slopes - no cars or machines. Just you and your desire against an unyielding slope. It’s like a fantasy world flying without wings!Gulmarg is sheer poetry in nature. This tiny borough is a perfect exploring spot for the snow lovers as this is covered entirely into the white shield of carpet visible to the miles and attracts the adventure lovers to ski, hike or perform other activities with full zest and zeal.The scenic valley is a pure paradise.

Udupi – Cliff Diving At Coconut Island

St. Mary's Islands, also known as Coconut Island is a favoured name given the actual title of the island is St. Mary’ that is an absolute picturesque spot that adds more spice by offering cliff diving from rocky spot. The crystalline dreamy jump right into the depth is like a fantasy living in reality. The neighbouring  islands including this coco island also,  here are known for their distinctive geological formation of columnar basaltic lava .

Havelock Island – Have an amazing experience of Scuba Dive

What attracts crowds here, scuba diving and snorkeling. It is the gorgeous renowned island of the Andaman Islands. Blissful marine experience and water sports for adventure souls will definitely satisfy and fulfill the best of it. Close experience to nature is a purely peaceful experience that one should have. Jungle trek, camping or performing other rigorous activities is a delightful treat here and the excellent part is to refuel or rejuvenate oneself from all the tiredness with exotic fresh coconut water or milk, perfect sea food and what not. The freshness awaits here!




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