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4 Awesome Spots to Have Afternoon Tea in Dubai!

4 Awesome Spots to Have Afternoon Tea in Dubai!

Being a new settler in Dubai, get ready to know various aspects of this city’s lifestyle. One of them is to go to places to enjoy afternoon tea with your loved ones and friends.

Indeed, it is the best way of relaxing yourself after spending a hectic day at your workplace. One thing is so sure that you are in the city that offers dozens of leisure activities.

You should never believe a myth that visiting places to have afternoon tea is very expensive in Dubai. This worth-doing practice keeps you active and energetic to cope with daily life challenges.

With noticing its immense popularity, famous restaurants and hotels have also come up with lots of afternoon tea offers for the masses in Dubai.

With considering the biggest event called Expo 2020 Dubai, all the hotels and restaurants in Dubai have geared up to cash out expected tourists by offering lots of afternoon deals and offers.

This is the outstanding exhibition that you should also think to visit with using Expo 2020 Dubai Promo Code to make it highly productive for you.

This write-up is worth-reading because you get to know some very popular spots to have tea in this specific time of a day and spend a quality time with your loved ones.


Let’s kick off with this famous destination for enjoying the afternoon tea in the city and it is budget-friendly; hence, you always find it full of people.

There is no second opinion that its delicious tea is what that attracts everyone and he/she cannot resist becoming its regular customer. It means that you should also think of trying it and stay fresh and active every day.

Along with tea, you can also enjoy pastries and scones there, so get ready to enjoy the unmatched combo of tea and snacks with viewing incredible Festival Bay.

While finding out more about it, you also come across unbeatable deals of afternoon tea, so go there with your loved ones and enjoy maximum.

It is also essential to know that the income of these kinds of tea spots is about to increase amid Expo 2020 Dubai as lots of tourists will get attracted to them.

You should never miss it out because it is the international exhibition where you get a chance to diversify your network along with enjoying cultural events with using Expo 2020 Dubai Promo Code.


It is another name for the afternoon tea in Dubai and you find lots of people, visiting it every day. Yes, it is also very affordable, so it should also be in your bucket list.

BIJOU is the French word and the tea is served in the unique and very awesome jewellery box, making it the must-visit place for everyone.

Its jewellery box is very popular in the town; hence, you also find it full of crowded spot for afternoon tea. You should also give it a try and enjoy the ideal taste of tea there.

This creative afternoon tea is as visually appealing as it is delicious. Bijou (meaning ‘jewel’ in French) Patisserie is offering an indulgent afternoon tea served in a beautiful jewellery box!

Other than tea, you can also enjoy awesome coffee along with various eating options, making your afternoon more wonderful. That is not all as you also enjoy the widest range of tea options of Dammann Freres, the famous tea brand of France.


Yes, you should also think of visiting this perfect place to make your afternoon memorable with the best tea in the city. In order to enjoy the sophisticated ambience, you should never miss it out and enjoy its unbeatable tea menu. It is also very pocket-friendly and it is also the reason why it is popular among the people from every walk of life in Dubai.

With its awesome tea, you also get a chance to enjoy delicious scones along with jam as well as cream. You can also order sandwiches and various kinds of cakes at this ideal spot.

Interestingly, it never sticks to offer tea, in fact, you also find the widest range of beverages and coffee, so you should visit it once and you will definitely become its loyal customer.


No doubt, it has very interesting name and that has also contributed in the popularity of this place in Dubai for the afternoon dining. It is the ideal place for catching up with your best friends.

The interior designing of this place is incredible, consisting of perfect mosaic flooring, modern furniture, well-designed windows and much more.

All these factors make it the ideal place for a quality dining experience in the town. Therefore, you should also consider visiting it and enjoy its world-class tea.

While having its tea, you should never forget to try its tasty scones and pastries, making it the perfect high tea in afternoon that is also budget-friendly.



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