15 BEST School Management System Software - 2022-23 - Pdf Slider

15 BEST School Management System Software - 2022-23

15 BEST School Management System Software - 2022-23

Introduction to School Management Software

School management software is a tool that automates the school’s administrative and educational tasks. It is a digital platform that enables efficient tracking and management of the school data, closes communication gaps, assists in report making, monitoring school activities, etc.

The need for automation has increased manifold in the current scenario as more and more schools are convinced of its importance. These applications come with several useful features that enable the school to perform better and focus on core areas.

Along with the school management, the teachers, staff, parents and students also stand to benefit due to the implementation of such applications. Thus, if you too are looking for the best school management system, then we have made this task a bit easier for you. 

We have curated a list of top school management software that will help you select the right one that suits your requirements.

Best school management system and its features

1. Buzzapp

Buzzapp is one of the best school ERP software that comes with research-based solutions to help the school overcome challenges related to school management and marketing. It also enables increased collaboration between various stakeholders thereby reducing the communication gap between the teachers, students and parents.

The various features that make Buzzapp the best School Management Software are summarised below 

  1. Lead acquisition and automation to engage better with the prospective students and their parents.
  2. Advanced analytics and insights to drive in more admissions.
  3. School listing management to assist you to reach out to the parents.
  4. Lead Management for managing and nurturing the leads.
  5. Facility to offer cashback discounts on school admissions. 
  6. Possibility to generate referrals through software’s unique referral program.
  7. In-app communications, video and audio calls.
  8. Appointment and Task Manager.
  9. Storyboard to engage your audience by showcasing your school activities and events.
  10. The digitalisation of the admission cycle thereby automates the entire procedure. 
  11. It is a free school ERP software which can be upgraded and comes with affordable pricing plans. 

Link - https://buzzapp.tech/

2. Gradelink

Gradelink is a school management software that offers easy-to-use integrated management, learning and teaching tools to help your school perform better with the help of the below-mentioned factors

  1. Administrative reports and attendance management 
  2. Class scheduling for better planning
  3. Offer various communication channels like voice messaging, text alerts, emails, etc
  4. Access to powerful reports on demographics, attendance, academic performance, etc
  5. Documentation of student's medical reports 
  6. Tracking disciplinary records 
  7. Ready access to critical student information that includes emergency contact numbers, medical records including allergies, behavioural issues, academic performance, etc.

Link - https://www.gradelink.com/

3. Veracross

Veracross is a web-based student information system that effectively partners with schools and offers them efficient features that are mentioned below 

  1. Easy integration with third-party solutions like Canvas, Ravenna, Finalsite, etc. 
  2. Provides solutions to manage every aspect of student life
  3. End-to-end assistance in the school enrollment process from enquiry to admission.
  4. Data-driven tools for fundraising
  5. Seamless and secure accounting management
  6. Simplification of billing and payment procedure 
  7. Tracking of health-related critical data 

Link - https://www.veracross.com/

4. Fedena

Fedena is another best school management system that simplifies academic and administrative processes effortlessly. It assists in automating daily operations and generating insightful reports that assist in faster and better decisions. It is web-based school management software with the following features 

  1. Automation of student admission procedure.
  2. Digitising the online learning experience.
  3. Human resource module to automate the payroll and pay slips.
  4. Finance module to plan and allot fee structures as per the requirements.
  5. Collaboration tools with various plugins for discussion, videoconference, etc.
  6. An internal messaging system which can be easily integrated with external communication tools.
  7. Time table management, attendance management, library management, online class and examination, etc.

Link - https://fedena.com/

5. Synergy 

Synergy offers a blend of student information systems, learning management, special education management, MTSS management, assessment, analytics, etc that assist the schools in streamlining and simplifying its process and achieving better performance. Being one of the best school management systems, it offers

  1. Student information system to simplify and automate administrative tasks.
  2. Assessment tools to administer assessments and analyse student performance.
  3. Learning management to transform the classroom learning and teaching experience.
  4. MTSS management to help the underperforming students get back on track.
  5. Special education management to manage the learning process of specially-abled children in a collaborative environment. 
  6. Analytics that assist in making data-driven decisions in real time. 
  7. Portals and mobile apps that strengthen the connection between school, parents and students. 
  8. Possibility to build fully integrated customised applications. 

Link - https://www.edupoint.com/Home/utm_medium/click

6. Alma

Alma is counted among the best school management systems as it assists in improving school operations and contributes to achieving better academic performance by reducing the manual efforts of the teachers. The solutions provided by Alma are as under

  1. School administration that includes scheduling, assessment tracking, course management, enrollment history, etc
  2. Custom reporting for better decision-making.
  3. Student administration including attendance management, fee management, incident tracking, etc. It also provides easy access to important school information like demographic data, fees, immunisation, medical records, transcripts, contact details, etc.
  4. Instructional management that covers assignment management, competency-based learning, curriculum mapping, report cards, skill-based learning, instructional dashboards, etc.
  5. Communication management in the form of bulletin boards, email communication, parent/student portal, text alerts, voice messenger, teacher messenger, etc. 
  6. Reporting and analytics with role-based access, custom reports, etc.

Link - https://www.getalma.com/

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7. GoGuardian

Being one of the best school management systems, GoGuardian comprises learning tools that promote classroom management, effective teaching and better engagement along with ensuring the safety and security of the students. Its features include 

  1. Instruction and assessment solutions accelerate academic progress by identifying the learning gaps and encouraging student engagement. 
  2. Safety and security solutions streamline device and app management thereby enabling a safer learning environment
  3. Possibility to integrate with other learning tools 
  4. Classroom management to manage the digital learning environment and keep the students engaged.
  5. Intuitive dashboard, theft recovery, flexible grouping, etc.

Link - https://www.goguardian.com/

8. Thinkwave

Think wave is a cloud-based school management software that comes with integrated teacher grade books. It comes with a user-friendly interface and is fast to deploy. It is one of the best school management systems when it comes to distance learning because of the below-mentioned features -

  1. Assignment management and the ability to collect homework online. 
  2. Powerful communication tools that allow messaging and emailing.
  3. Facility to print and email custom report cards and transcripts.
  4. Online portal for parents and students.
  5. Easy to deploy due to web-based, cloud computing software.
  6. Affordable pricing plan.
  7. Integrated grade book for teachers that enables effective teaching and grading.
  8. Attendance management.

Link - https://www.thinkwave.com/

9. Classe365

Classe365 is another best school management system that aids in automating school operations along with comprehensive tracking of reports to help in making faster decisions. It supports the school in its journey from admission to alumni with the help of the following features -

  1. Pre-admission and enrollment feature enables a stress-free admission journey for school as well as students. 
  2. Customer Relationship Management for better management and follow-ups.
  3. Student Information System that assists in managing the entire student lifecycle.
  4. The Learning Management System offers a perfect blend of an online and offline learning experience.
  5. Finance and accounting feature to manage all the accounts.
  6. Analytics to track the trends in student behaviour, academic performance, health, etc.
  7. Alumni Management Solution to establish a strong alumni network.
  8. White Label Module to customise school websites according to your branding strategy.
  9. An e-commerce module where schools can upload their products and users can purchase them online.
  10. Fee and donation module for easy management of fees, invoices and fundraising. 

Link - https://www.classe365.com/

10. Factsmgt

Factsmgt is a digital platform that provides end-to-end solutions and enables the school in providing the best learning experience by streamlining its processes. The below-mentioned state-of-the-art solutions allow a seamless flow of communication between all the stakeholders making it one of the best school management systems.

  1. Application and enrollment solutions offer powerful admission tools to attract prospective students.
  2. Student Information Management to centralise the school information. 
  3. Learning management System to monitor the progress of the students.
  4. FACTS family app to communicate with families.
  5. Parent Alert feature for immediate communication in case of emergency.
  6. Mobile app and website service.
  7. Financial management.
  8. Education solutions for professional development, coaching and evaluation of teachers.
  9. Virtual and hybrid learning platform 

Link - https://factsmgt.com/administration/student-information-system/ 

11. Boarddocs

Board docs is a remote meeting management software that empowers the school with the right tools, insights and analytics to fuel good governance. The features provided by this school management software provide improved transparency, effectiveness and efficiency in all the school processes. Its powerful features include 

  1. Remote access to school data from anywhere at any time.
  2. Attendance Management, library management, event management, etc.
  3. Paperless meetings.
  4. Support for modern school governance.
  5. Support in managing policies and agendas, etc.

Link - https://boarddocs.com/

12. Orah

It is a student engagement platform that assists in achieving student success by providing the schools with unified data for coordinated action. Being one of the best school management software, it captures data from multiple sources and provides a holistic view of student’s progress with the help of the following solutions  

  1. Streamlines school process and collaboration.
  2. Data centralisation.
  3. Better understanding and holistic view of students' academic journey.
  4. Alerts, signals, reports, dashboards, etc.
  5. Automates workflows and enhances communication.
  6. Record keeping and reporting to analyse student activity.
  7. Crisis management and emergency response. 
  8. Assists in parental engagement, etc.
  9. Possibility to integrate the software with TASS, Veracross, SeniorSystems, etc.

Link - https://www.orah.com/

13. Bloomz

Bloomz is one of the best school management systems that simplifies and enhances communication and collaboration between teachers, school management, students and parents with the help of the following features 

  1. Allow you to send alerts and announcements with pre-created templates even from a mobile device.
  2. Student-specific notification related to attendance, grades, bus routes, or any other updates.
  3. Facility to send confidential information electronically.
  4. With a single click, share announcements, posts or alerts on various social media channels and websites.
  5. Teacher communication app to keep the parents updated on the recent happening in the school.
  6. 2-way messaging to inform the parents regarding their child’s behaviour or academic progress.
  7. Notification in the form of SMS, in-app & voice with a possibility of translation in 100 languages.

Link - https://www.bloomz.com/

14. Ellucian

Ellucian is a SaaS-enabled school management software that simplifies higher education processes. It provides tools and resources that minimise the schools’ efforts as under -

  1. Smart advertising and recruiting enable the maintenance of the school culture.
  2. A one-stop dashboard that provides detailed employee information.
  3. Student Information system and ERP for increased efficiency and easy flow of information.
  4. Assistance with student lifecycle and advancement by offering personalised support.
  5. Analytics and Integrations for making informed decisions thereby driving success.
  6. Talent management to manage the human resources of your institution.
  7. A holistic view of your institution’s finances.

Link - https://www.ellucian.com/

15. Anthology

The anthology is one of the best school management systems that offer the school various tools enabling it to have data-informed experiences. The below-mentioned solutions provided by this school management software support the schools in all spheres including learning, teaching and leading effectively.

  1. Enrollment and Retention assist in making meaningful relationships with applicants and students.
  2. Enterprise Resources and Student Information offer practical tools and analytics to assist with student lifecycle.
  3. Learning effectiveness to make the learning easy and engaging for students.
  4. Career Development to guide the students with the demands of the markets and skill set requirements.
  5. Enterprise performance to manage your school data.
  6. Assessment management to track the student's performance.
  7. Alumni and Advancement for creating a personalized relationship with alumni and donors.
  8. Accreditation and self-study for a holistic perspective. 

Link - https://www.anthology.com/


Based on our in-depth research and analysis, we have identified the above-mentioned best school management system. The various factors considered while making this list include its features, reviews, deployment types, etc.

As we now know that implementing the best school management system is more of a necessity, finding the right fit for your institution is a must. Thus, while selecting the right school management software, ensure that it should provide timely updates, flexibility and ease of use along with other important features. 

Buzzapp is one such free and best school ERP software that comes with useful features. You can know more about it by using it for free for as long as you want or easily upgrade as it comes with affordable pricing plans.