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10 reasons why you should choose USA vinyl fencing


Investing in a good fence is essential, but it should not be a spur-of-the-moment decision. The investment requires thought, planning and execution. A fence can give your property an instant makeover by focusing on the landscape and increasing the curb appeal. That's why it's important to do research work before getting USA vinyl fencing for the property. While some homeowners are looking for a new fence, others want to upgrade the old one. Whatever your call, it's important to consult custom vinyl fencing manufacturers for unique fences that would highlight your property and the beautiful landscape. Here are ten big reasons why investing in vinyl fences is worthwhile.

Durability is a big deal 

USA vinyl fencing, known for its durability, goes a notch higher with the quality of material used. Reputed custom vinyl fencing manufacturers use 100% virgin vinyl and thicker vinyl sheets for building durable fences. Thicker vinyl materials ensure that the fences don't rot, sag, crack or break. Thick vinyl sheets help to build fences that don't snap easily and would take a great deal of strength to dismantle.

Weather resistivity is an added advantage

High-quality vinyl fences are weather resistant and can withstand the intense heat from the Sun without warping, breaking, or rotting. The weather-resistant fences made with the Duraresin vinyl formulation have over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors to ensure high-rated UV stability and weather resistivity. The waterproof fences can stand tall against heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and ice storms due to their high endurance towards harsh weather conditions. 

DIY simple installation 

Even an amateur can install USA vinyl fencing with a DIY installation guide manual. Most vinyl fences come in DIY kits with a manual guide. One can just follow the instruction manual to install the fence within a day. Once the fence posts get secured into the ground, you can slide the rails easily by snapping them inside the post slots and boards. They interlock together to provide you with a secure and strong fence line.  

Pet-friendly fences 

Vinyl fences are pet-friendly due to their non-toxic, lead-free and chemical-resistant characteristics. These fences are non-wired and have no external hardware, which makes them ideal for homes with pets. In addition, the smooth surface of the vinyl is non-threatening and the pets won't be able to inflict self-harm by colliding or bumping into it. Install a vinyl fence to keep your pets safely inside your yard.

Flexible, strong and robust 

The strength of the vinyl fences lies in their flexible nature. If your pets act out and bump into vinyl fences, they won't break easily. The flexibility of the fences protects your pets from unwanted injuries and also ensures that the beautiful fences stand strong. Vinyl fences are ideal for horse farms, as these fences are strong and don't fall over, rot or break easily, injuring the animal. Moreover, some custom vinyl fencing manufacturers build the fences with a strong routing system and interlocked fence panels, which provides the fence line with outstanding strength and durability. With the absence of external hardware like nails, brackets and screws, the fences are not prone to damage or sabotage.

Low maintenance is an added asset 

One of the biggest attributes of USA vinyl fencing is its minimal upkeep. Wooden fences are high-maintenance and need constant painting and other treatments. In addition, metal fences rot easily due to weather conditions. However, vinyl does not rot, stain, attract termites and is virtually maintenance-free. You would just need to wash the fade-resistant fences with the garden hose for its upkeep. In addition, the fences don't need repainting as the color lasts for at least ten years or more.

Cost-effective deal 

If you check the vinyl fences' durability and consider the maintenance cost, you might like the affordable deal. The custom vinyl fencing manufacturers can ensure that you get high-quality fences that would not need repairs or replacements for a long time. Customization ensures the beauty of the fences and the reputed manufacturers assure its longevity along with affordability.

Privacy and security 

Vinyl fences can provide you with complete privacy. The one-piece fence panels eliminate the spacing between individual fence posts and thereby helps to provide you with the required isolation. Vinyl fences are the perfect choice for pool enclosures, backyards, hiding dumpsters and the like. These fences are extremely strong as they don't absorb moisture, rot, blister, or peel. Vinyl is five times stronger than wood and is the ideal fencing material for the sprinkler or swimming pool.  

Fully transferable limited lifetime warranty 

Are you worried about the winters and strong winds? There are a lot of myths about USA vinyl fencing that needs to get ignored. The good-quality fences do not crack in the cold and are resistant to wind uplifts and high impacts. However, the good news is that many custom vinyl fencing manufacturers offer a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty to provide you with the confidence to purchase highly functional and utilitarian vinyl fences. The warranty certificate in your hand will give you the relief and joy that your fence line is a worthy investment that's well-protected for years to come.

Visually a delight

Vinyl fences come in divergent designs, styles and colors. You can get the privacy fences or the picket fences in post and rail designs or ornamental styles. The design of the fence needs to get customized to complement the landscape and the home. Although white, gray and tan are the classic fencing shades, but you can get adventurous and choose any hue you want.

Bonus Tip: Ever heard about Duragrain fencing. It's a type of wood-grained fence with the cellular configuration of vinyl. The fence looks like real wood and has the same smooth feel to it. The only difference is that the cellular structure makes the fence durable, waterproof, easy to maintain like vinyl. These fences resemble a wooden fence but act like vinyl. They are resistant to termites, do not mold or stain and are fire-resistant as well. If you are a fan of wooden fences, then Duragrain is going to serve you longer with satisfaction and without complaints.

Wrapping it up

Tom Sawyer was perhaps the only person to find a silver lining while whitewashing a fence. Tom made this dreaded chore look creative and pleasurable. However, not all of us can convince to pick up the brush. Thankfully, vinyl fences have plenty of advantages and do not need repainting and don't turn yellow. Whether you want a new fence or need to upgrade an old one - vinyl is the ideal choice. Stick to premium quality vinyl fences and you won't regret your decision.




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