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10 Affordable International Schools in Malaysia

10 Affordable International Schools in Malaysia

While choosing the right school for their kids, parents go through a whirlwind of reasons and considerations. All the aspects of their child’s educational and personal growth become a primary concern. However, the major reason for choosing an international school is that the kids are prepared for the global stage ahead in life. Malaysia has seen a significant rise in private international schools where top-notch education is prioritized. Furthermore, the curriculum is children-friendly, allowing them to explore their inner strength and potential right from the first step.

Expats and even locals prefer to enroll their kids in international schools since it caters to various needs, such as rising trends, ease in transfers to schools across the globe, etc. Enrolling in an IGCSE school can be expensive. Still, it is extremely beneficial since it is a globally recognized qualification, especially for students intending to continue higher education or jobs overseas.

Here are some affordable international schools in Malaysia that can be considered.

Global Indian International School

GIIS is the most sought-after and preferred school by most parents. The profound and holistic way of imparting education attracts people, and an advanced set of student-friendly curricula is the base of the education system. The facilities provided by the school and personalized educating system are of premium quality at affordable fees. It is the best IGCSE school in Kuala Lumpur.

Fee Range: RM 21,000 to RM 39,000

IGB International School

Who doesn’t want a vibrant and dynamic school that integrates innovation and creativity into its education system? Students here are encouraged to excel and bring out the best in themselves and at every level of their educational journey. 

Fee Range: RM27,000 to RM 95,000

Oasis International School

The Oasis International School offers an American curriculum from the beginning of a child’s educational journey. The teachers and other staff are well-trained to handle various challenges a child faces. Quality education is the priority with an affordable fee structure. 

Fee Range: RM42,500 to RM62,500

Kingsgate International School

The education program is based on the British curriculum and appears most attractive to some parents. A school with a disciplined education system becomes an apt choice for parents who want a quality education that does not exhaust their pockets. 

Victoria International School

Unlike any traditional school, the Victoria International School has a rich set of educators that engage themselves in bringing out the child’s potential in the best possible way. The school is affordable, with all the required amenities for your child's growth.

Fee Range: RM18,000 to RM30,000

Qosmio International School

The school encourages your child to attain the best of education with a child-centered and comprehensive atmosphere. It is an IGCSE school that enhances individual development through various programs.

Al-Noor International School

The school combines a set of cultures while designing and imparting a child’s education. It is a school that offers IGCSE and promises child-centered education right from the early stages. All the basic facilities are provided for your child's physical and educational growth.

Fee Range: RM 7,900 to RM 18,000

Regent International school

Like any other international school, the student to teacher is low in this school which makes it the first choice of most parents. It offers the students with British Cambridge education English as the language of instruction. It is the most affordable school in Kuala Lumpur.

Fee Range: RM 12,000 to RM 18,600

Garden International School

The school emphasizes creating students to be influential global citizens, and hence, innovation and creativity form an integral part of their teaching system. It is one of the leading international schools in Kuala Lumpur that nurtures excellence through hard work.

Fee Range: RM45,210 to RM98,460

The Mont’Kiara International School

It is an American international school in Kuala Lumpur that offers the best educational benefits to students. Since it follows the American curriculum and has a fairly affordable fee structure, parents do not hesitate to enroll their kids in this institution.

Fee Range: RM 50,000 to RM 1,13,000

There are significant numbers of international schools in Malaysia; hence choose the one that is apt for the child and their educational growth.